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Gazer dashcam E7
Video recorders for protection on the road, in the parking lot and during conversations.

Does not need any attention
Works fully automatically - turns on and starts recording when the engine is turned on, stops recording and turns off when the engine stops.
Records videos 1-10 minutes long , automatically deleting the oldest ones (circular recording). Uses a microSD memory card.
Automatically protects the video from overwriting in case of a road accident or a strong impact.
Emergency recording of events
Security recording in the parking lot
30% of the memory card volume is used to store protected videos - they will never be erased like normal ones.
The recording starts when hitting a parked car.
The emergency recording button allows you to protect the current video in case you see a critical or important situation.
Records continuously, monitoring the minimum battery voltage level.
Record when attempting to steal from a car
Recording of conversations with the police or with a passenger
It starts when the door is opened or the glass is broken.
Rotate the camera in the desired direction with one movement.
The video is immediately saved in the cloud.
Quick mute and clear status.
PUSH Notification to the owner's phone.
Instant access to video from the car in real time.
Conversation with the driver in the "walkie-talkie" mode from a smartphone.
Permanent video communication with your car via the Internet
Live video on demand in your mobile app.
Real-time video in case of impact or unauthorized event (door opening, engine start).
Notifications about the status of the car with the ability to open a video in real time instantly.
Technology and convenience
The maximum length of continuous video thanks to the support of memory cards up to 256 GB .
A mobile application for setting up, viewing and sharing recordings.
Wireless button for convenient control of recordings.
Quick rotation and removal of the recorder in one movement.
Quality and functionality
One or two cameras with FullHD or SuperHD resolution.
From a detailed 140 to a wide 170 degree viewing angle of the camera.
30 or 60 frames per second.
GPS to fix the route, lane control LDWS, collision control FCWS.
6-layer full glass coated lens with F2.0 aperture.
Professional h.265 (HEVC) codec (8 Mbit/s, mp4).
Protect yourself on the road
Gazer dashcam E7