Gazer E7 style

150.00 $

The compact FullHD recorder Gazer E7 style is equipped with Wi-Fi and supports the Gazer Cloud application. It works with the new H.265 codec, which allows recording twice as much information on a memory card with a capacity of up to 256 Gb. The device also features a protective recording mode, thanks to its built-in battery.

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Seeking comfort and peace of mind behind the wheel? Confidence that all situations on the road will be captured, day and night? Clear visibility of license plates, road markings, and signs in any lighting conditions? With Gazer E7 style, you get all of that and more — including additional parking surveillance. With this dashcam, you’ll have high-quality video recordings of all events stored on your phone. And in your heart, you’ll feel a serene assurance and satisfaction from your journeys.

What you need to know about the E7 style

Captures video in a quality that allows for clear identification of license plates, faces, and road signs.

Features a function for capturing sharp footage in areas with lighting variations.

Automatically turns on and records events on the parking lot in case of impact or collision

Has technology for continuous recording with preserved quality.

Stores accident-related videos in a separate folder

License Plate Matters

Sometimes, in a critical moment, the car may be visible in the footage captured by the dashcam, but the license plates are not legible. What should you do in such cases? It can be challenging to find and hold responsible parties accountable without important details. That’s why Gazer E7 style is equipped with WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology, which enhances image detail in areas with lighting variations. Whether in shadows or under bright headlights, the E7 style captures license plates in Full HD quality regardless of lighting conditions. This provides protection in case of accidents and enhances peace of mind while driving.

Protects Your Peace of Mind in the Parking Lot

On the parking lot, someone may struggle with parking or exiting and accidentally leave scratches on your car. Gazer E7 style will reveal the culprit. For the safety of your vehicle in parking lots, we have incorporated a G-sensor into the E7 style. It automatically starts recording when it detects a jolt or impact on the car. You can view the footage through the Gazer Dashcam app. Leave your car in the parking lot without worrying that someone might damage it because you will always have the evidence in your hands.

Preserves All Your Extended Trips

How can you capture all the moments during a long journey when the device’s memory is only halfway full? With E7 style, it’s possible. It is designed for long trips. To achieve this, we have updated it with the new H.265 codec, which reduces file size while maintaining high image clarity. This allows for recording detailed videos that take up less space on a memory card of up to 256 GB. Enjoy your journey, knowing that all your memories will be preserved by Gazer E7 style.

Easy Control from Your Phone

With E7 style, you’ll experience peace of mind on all levels. That’s because it can be easily managed through your phone. No instructions needed. All you need is the free Gazer Dashcam app.

Simply download it to your phone, open it, and connect the device via Wi-Fi. Customize the settings of the dashcam to your liking with just a few clicks, and you’re good to go. Gazer is dedicated to your comfort and peace of mind.

Withstands Sharp Turns and Stops

Where can you find a reliable mount for your dashcam? It’s right in the E7 style box. Along with it, you’ll receive a sturdy magnetic mount with 3M adhesive. It can withstand sharp turns, stops, and impacts. So, in the event of an accident, all the events in front of and around your vehicle will be captured on video.

The magnetic mount ensures easy attachment and detachment of the device when needed. No clips or wires. Just take the E7 style and bring it close to the magnet. You’re looking for comfort and peace of mind behind the wheel, and Gazer provides it — we’re on the road with you. Ready to go?

Gazer E7 style

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Full HD
Camera angle 140°
WiFi +
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode +
Mount type 360° rotation
Memory card support 128 Gb