Gazer E7 guard

59.00 $

Full HD model with magnetic mounting and power transmission from a rechargeable battery. Can record footage in a parked car for up to 60 days. Automatically activates recording when the impact sensor is triggered. Emergency videos are protected from deletion. Turns on and off synchronously with the engine. Supports memory cards up to 32 Gb. Equipped with a 2″ color display with a sleep timer. Viewing angle – 140°. Features a new generation sensor with an increased matrix size. Fully captures the situation at intersections and highways.

Do you feel fear and anxiety behind the wheel? Are you irritated by others’ self-confidence and recklessness on the road? When they run red lights, abruptly change lanes, or brake sharply right in front of your car? It’s hard to avoid aggressive drivers on your path, but you can ensure yourself with reliable evidence and an unbiased witness in case of an emergency situation.

Unbiased witness always in the car

Capture all the events of your journey with the Gazer dashcam E7 Guard, featuring magnetic mounting and a color display. The dashcam turns on and off synchronously with the engine, automatically deleting old videos to make space for new recordings. It protects critical files from accidental deletion and overwriting and has an additional function for car security while parked.

The Gazer E7 Guard is equipped with a 2-inch color display. On both sides of the screen, there are 2 buttons for device control and settings. In case of an emergency situation or accident, pressing a button will save the video from being overwritten. The dashcam has a screen sleep mode that can be activated if the video feed distracts you while driving. With a 32 GB memory card, you can record up to 10 hours of footage.

Display and settings

The Gazer E7 Guard securely attaches to the windshield using 3M tape. The magnetic mount is equipped with power supply for operation while the vehicle is in motion and for charging the dashcam’s internal battery. The E7 Guard can be easily mounted and removed with one hand motion. Thanks to its reliable magnet, the device stays firmly in place and does not come off during sudden turns or braking of the vehicle.

Mounting and connection

With the Gazer E7 Guard dashcam, you’ll never see washed-out frames or dark spots instead of important details in your video. Equipped with a camera featuring a six-layer glass lens with an aperture of F2.0, the Guard E7 will clearly capture everything on your path. The advanced sensor ensures vivid and detailed images and provides high-quality Full HD recording without graininess or noise in any lighting condition or time of day.

With a wide 140° field of view, events are captured not only directly in front of the vehicle but also in the surrounding area: the road, road markings, license plates, and pedestrians.

Clear and detailed video

Are you worried about your parked car, even in a paid parking lot? It could be scratched by drivers with parking issues or intentionally damaged by aggressive individuals. They might flee the scene, leaving you with losses. The Gazer E7 Guard will help identify those responsible for such “anonymous” accidents. Equipped with its own power source, the device activates when the G-sensor is triggered, makes a short video recording, saves it to a protected folder to prevent overwriting, and then returns to “sleep” mode. In this format, the Guard can operate for up to 60 days without additional charging of its power source.

Parking security function

The Gazer E7 Guard dashcam does not require excessive attention because it operates in self-service mode. The device turns on when the engine starts and turns off when the engine stops. E7 Guard has its own power source, which it uses to record unusual situations with the parked car. Its charge lasts for 2 months of such autonomous operation. The dashcam supports a memory card up to 32 GB, with 30% allocated for emergency recordings protected from overwriting. Once the card is full, Gazer dashcam E7 Guard automatically deletes old video clips, freeing up space for new ones.

24/7 autonomous operation mode

Gazer E7 guard

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Full HD
Camera angle 140°
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode +
Display 2.0″
Mount type Vertical rotation
Memory card support 32 Gb