From July 1, 2024, we provide warranty service valid for 36 months from the moment of purchase.

In accordance with our warranty policy, we take obligation to provide repair or replacement services for your TV if it is defective, by cause of flaws of materials or workmanship during the stated warranty period.

However, to get warranty service, the following conditions must be kept:
· Following the user manual, including the rules of operation, care and maintenance of the TV.
· The presence of a sticker with a serial number on the TV cabinet.
· No mechanical damage, traces of filling or any other visible physical damage.
· No traces of unauthorized intrusion to the operation of the TV, including interference by unauthorized persons or self-repair.
· Absence of signs of disassembly of the device.
· No signs of replacement or modification of the serial number sticker on the TV cabinet.

Does not apply on
· Cases of loss or damage of cables and legs, except cases of defects discovered at the time of purchase.
· The manufacturer keeps the right to conduct additional inspections before providing warranty service, to confirm compliance with the above conditions.
· In case of discovering violation of the warranty terms or determination of facts indicating an improper use of the TV, the manufacturer keeps the right to reject providing warranty services.
· Before sending the TV for warranty service, the buyer must provide a copy of the receipt or other document confirming the fact of purchase.

The warranty applies on

Manufacturing defects:
· Any problems or defects caused due to errors in the manufacturing process of the TV. For example, if the device does not turn on, has defects on the panel or audio/video output.

Malfunction of specific components:
· Specific components inside the TV may fail due to normal wear and tear, or defects. This may include problems with the panel, power supply, audio/video components and other items.

Warranty does not apply

Mechanical damage:
· Any damage to the TV occurred due to misuse, falling or other mechanical impacts. This may include cracks in the screen, damage to the cabinet, etc.
· Damage caused by accidents or natural events: damage caused by fires, floods, lightning strikes or other natural disasters.
· Any damage to the TV which was caused by animals.
· If a defect is caused by a change in the design or circuit scheme of the product, or by connecting external devices not provided by the manufacturer.
· Deviations from relevant technical standards in the operation of electrical, telecommunication and cable networks and other similar external factors.

Software Defects:
· If case of use of third-party applications or applications installed from third-party sources, the stability of the operational system may be affected. Also, the stability of the operational system may be impaired due to the accumulation of system errors resulted from incorrect switching on/off or power surges.
· If a defect is caused by computer viruses and similar programs; installation, change or removal of product passwords (codes), modifications of software, installation and use of third-party software (non-original).
· If a defect is caused by the installation and use of incompatible content (audio, video, graphics and other files, Java applications and similar programs).

Improper use or carelessness:
· If the TV malfunctions due to improper installation, connection to the power source, or use in unsuitable conditions (for example, in a humid environment or at high temperatures), this may be considered as a non-warranty issue.
· If a defect is caused by intentional or negligent actions of consumers or third parties.
· If, during the diagnostic process, organic residues are found inside the TV cabinet or its components.
· If during the diagnostic process traces of liquids or the presence of foreign objects inside the TV cabinet or its components are detected.
· Using the product for business purposes
· If a defect occurs as a result of normal wear and tear during use of the product. In such a case, normal wear and tear refers to the consequences of using the product, which has caused deterioration in the technical condition and appearance due to prolonged use of this product.
· The use of this product is prohibited for prolonged display of static images or static elements in the image: displaying of images in 4:3 format or other screen format with static black (dark) bars on the sides, TV channel logos, display of schedules, news feeds, etc.

Intervention of outside persons or self-repair:
· Any attempt to repair or modify the TV by unqualified persons or without the approval and supervision by the manufacturer may void the warranty.

Pixel Defect:
According to ISO 13406-2, there are four types of pixel defects on LCD panel screens:
Type 1 - pixels that are constantly lit (on).
Type 2 - permanently turned off pixels (in the off state).
Type 3 - pixels with other defects, including defects of subpixels and of RGB cells that being pixels. This means red, green or blue pixels that are constantly lit.
Type 4 - group (cluster) of defective pixels - a cluster of two or more defective pixels in a 5x5 pixel square.

The manufacturer keeps the right to replace the remote control free of charge, if it is broken or lost by the buyer.
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