Forget about the smartphone with navigation
In your hand. On a magnet. On a mobile phone mount.
Car multimedia T6
Google Maps or Waze?
Your favorite navigation is finally on your car's screen.

Always online - so you have information about traffic jams, cameras, and the ability to find the places you need.
Online navigation
on a large built-in screen
Thousands of radio stations
Choose any internet radio station from any country in the world and listen in digital quality. Your favorite FM radio stations without interference at the greatest distance from the city.
Bluetooth music
and loud communication
Stream music from your smartphone in the best HD quality. Talk on loudspeaker as if you were in a cozy place. Without distortion or noise.
Always with access to the Internet
Like any modern gadget - always online via 4G LTE.
Navigation with traffic jams and cameras, YouTube or online cinemas, streaming music or Internet radio.
Incredible sound
No exaggeration - you're now at a concert, and the music plays right in front of you, as if the band is positioned in front of your car's hood. It's not magic; it's Gazer multisound technology.
CarPlay or Android Auto?
Both technologies are already in your multimedia system. Wireless CarPlay - don't even take your smartphone out of your pocket. Android Auto mode is activated without connecting a cable.
*trademarks of Google LLC and Apple Inc
Large high-quality screen
The screen you dreamed of in your car. Huge like a modern tablet. Full HD quality. QLED screen technology - bright and vibrant colors like on the best television.
Rear and front view camera
Maximum Full HD quality. Signature night vision technology - you'll park easily and safely in complete darkness. Supports your car's built-in camera.
Travel safely and without fines
Gazer car multimedia T6