Car security S5
Protect your car
Protect yourself when driving
Protect your car
Protect yourself when driving
Anti-theft protection
Engine shutdown via the CAN bus and electrical circuits in the event of unauthorized opening, break-in, attempts to start the engine, or movement of the vehicle with the engine turned off.
Management of a regular security system
Either when using the car's standard keyless entry, or manual locking. Identification of the owner using a wireless tag or PIN code.
Closing/opening, alarm (including calling a security company), starting the engine, activating climate control, parking search, fuel gauge, SIM card balance, door status. Ability to completely shutdown the car in case of theft.
Control via mobile application
Location tracking
Movement on the map, create a route to the car, save locations, and set up journey scenarios.
When the vehicle is moving with the engine off, doors are opened, or an attempt is made to start. Or even when contact, tilting, or movement has been detected.
Smartphone notifications
Emergency notification on a smartphone. Possibility of also sending notifications to family members, insurance company, security company, and police (depending on the country of operation).
Car security suite

Ultramodern system

4G LTE, 2x SIM, Bluetooth, GPS.

Fully compatible with any car

2x CAN, 4x LIN, universal inputs and outputs.

Control via the
METASMART CAR application

Synchronizes with the entire Gazer automotive electronics ecosystem.

Authorization with tags

When opening doors, starting the engine, with the ability to disable standard keyless entry.

Wireless relay

To control hood entry and locks, alarm, engine shutdown, and measure engine temperature.

Remote engine start

Keyless or with a key, via CAN or battery.
Highest level of security
Extremely powerful and secure servers
With distributed load across multiple data centers.
Encrypted communication protocol
Between the application, servers, and car electronic system.
Two SIM cards for different providers
To ensure reliable and constant operation.
Smartphone use
Increases the level of security in case the key and tag are stolen.
Bluetooth Low Energy Tags
They cannot be remotely cloned by illegal devices, unlike some models of standard keys.
Keyless engine start
No need to leave the key in the car for most models.
Interior climate control
Monitors the temperature outside and inside the car.
Summer mode for cooling or Winter mode for heating.
Activates climate control when a temperature has been reached or maintains temperature for a specified period.
Automatically turns on once critical temperature has been reached - always ready.
Starting the engine and climate control manually, according to a timer, or according to a scheduled time and/or day.
Target temperature or previous trip temperature.
System kit
Wireless relay
Key installation unit
Central unit
GPS antenna
Two wireless tags
Power module
S5 Jab
System with GPS.
S5 Uppercut
System with GPS and two authorization tags.
System with GPS, two authorization tags and wireless locking relay.
S5 Straight
S5 Overhand
System with GPS, two authorization tags, wireless locking relay, key installation unit and engine power start unit.
System with GPS and wireless locking relay.
S5 Hook
System with GPS, wireless locking relay, key installation unit and engine power start unit.
S5 Cross
Unique features
Transfer of control
Transfer of security system access when giving the car to another person for a specified period of time or indefinitely, the ability to cancel at any time.
Code for system unit connection and emergency disarming code
Available only to the owner on the application.
For different periods, grouped by events, with reports for analysis.
List of events and commands
PUSH notification settings
For various scenarios, emergency or normal situations.
Engine start or disabling, engine and climate start timer, notification of arrival or departure from a location.
Ability to disable tag authorization
In case the battery runs out.
Scenarios for Saved Places