Gazer E7 fusion

100.00 $

Miniature dashcam Gazer E7 fusion DVR with SuperHD 2304×1296 recording resolution, built-in 1.5 ”display and Wi-Fi module for controlling and saving files to smartphone via Gazer Dashcam application. Professional-grade Sony Exmor sensor, 60 frames per second recording mode, 160° wide viewing angle, F2.0 aperture glass lens. Support of 128 Gb memory cards for maximum recording time, support of GPS modules for fixing speed and route, compact mount on 3M tape with 360-degree rotation capability.

multirec system™


Fortunately, accidents happen rarely. But enjoyable moments occur every day. Witnessing a sunrise or sunset on the road. Admiring a blooming field or a forest, like in the movies.

Usually, we don’t have time to grab our phone and capture the moment. And you don’t need to – the Gazer E7 fusion dashcam will do
it all for you. It will preserve all the moments on your journey. And you can save them on your phone and share them on social media. Get unique content that will surprise all your friends with the Gazer E7 fusion!

Key advantages of the E7 fusion

High-quality video in both daylight and low-light conditions

Sensor that reduces noise and enhances video clarity

Clear footage on the road without the need for headlights or in tunnels

Easy setup through a mobile phone

Event recording in front of the vehicle and its surroundings

Reliable mount with 360° rotation capability

Continuous recording for up to 12 hours

Rotection against video deletion for important events and emergencies

Super quality day and night

Super HD

Sony Exmor 1/2.9


And to ensure you get clear images on the road without headlights or in tunnels, the device is equipped with a six-layer glass lens with an aperture of F2.0. During recording, it “illuminates” areas with insufficient lighting and turns dark sections into bright moments. All this is to ensure that you can capture the best moments of your life at any time.

Expectation: an evening road with the glare of headlights in the twilight. Reality: bright spots in the darkness and disappointment. But not with the Gazer E7 fusion. Recording in Super HD format ensures high-quality video both during the day and in the evening. The Sony Exmor 1/2.9 sensor reduces noise and enhances the clarity of the footage.

Your extra security at a 160° angle

Even the most enjoyable journey can suddenly be interrupted by an accident. It’s impossible to predict. But you can protect yourself from false accusations, additional stress, and expenses. Together with the Gazer E7 fusion dashcam.

Its 160° field of view allows you to capture all incidents during your trip: in front of the vehicle and to the sides. Enjoy your journey to the fullest, while the Gazer E7 fusion ensures a complete recording of events on the road for up to 12 hours. It supports microSDXC memory cards up to 128GB in capacity.

Protector of important recordings

Worried that crucial videos may disappear during automatic file deletion? The G-sensor in the E7 fusion dashcam eliminates this concern. Thanks to it, the device automatically protects videos from potential and actual accident situations.

The sensor responds to sudden changes in speed, sharp turns, and impacts during the journey. Upon detecting such changes, it activates the file protection function and saves the video in a separate folder.

Does not obstruct the view and does not distract from the road

The Gazer E7 fusion features a compact body with a built-in 1.5″ display. What does that mean? Firstly, it does not distract while driving and does not obstruct the view. Secondly, it is easy to mount in a convenient location. The package includes a 3M adhesive mount with a 360° rotation feature. It allows you to securely attach the dashcam at the desired angle. Convenience and reliability are what the E7 fusion is all about.

Easy to control via phone

Complicated instructions, 30 minutes on Google, and a bunch of confusing terms, but you still couldn’t configure the dashcam. The E7 fusion eliminates this hassle for you. It has a built-in Wi-Fi module and can be connected to the Gazer Dashcam app, allowing you to easily control it through your phone. Simply download the app for free and customize the dashcam settings in a few clicks.
Additionally, you’ll always have access to all the necessary recordings on your phone. Transfer them from the dashcam without wires or memory cards. Experience convenience and ease with the Gazer E7 fusion.

Gazer E7 fusion

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Super HD
Camera angle 160°
WiFi +
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode
Display 1.5″
Mount type 360° rotation
Memory card support 128 Gb