Our life is an overflowed ocean of electronics
Created by engineers too
complicated for people.
Which can't be understood without manuals, requiring some to become an engineer himself.
So you need to become a slave of a device, instead of enabling it work for you.
Non-intuitive for usage, dozens of great functions useless by fact.
Technology should serve you,
instead of making life complicated
Without manuals, intuitive, only
the really necessary, and core -
electronics must work for you.
Gives an easy use of all the advantages of complex modern technologies
Solutions and implementation,
as we see it together
next-step electronics
as we see it
How you'd like to use, how it could be more convenient and easy for you. How can this be implemented, how it's technically possible and effective.
20 years history
It all started in 2004, when we created the first computer video surveillance system.

Some might smile, but we didn't do it in a garage. Yes, we know that all global giants invented all in their garages, but we were not like others from the very beginning so started right from a laboratory.
In 2012, Gazer created the category of
multimedia systems.

Android OS has come out on the technology arena, but no one of the caraudio leaders was able to get integrated with this system. Gazer was the first to succeed in combination of Android with car Hi-end level music.
In 2009, Gazer created
the first DVRs S510 and H511.

So Gazer immediately became a top electronics brand in automotive business. And the journey of the brand as a consumer electronics manufacturer began.
In 2013, Gazer created the first tablet.

Everyone dreamed of a tablet where the sound would blast right on you, on which some could draw and any game could run like on a gaming PC. So, the Gazer Tegra Note 7 tablet appeared.
In 2017 - the first Gazer Smart TV.

In the red ocean of the third-largest electronics category, Gazer decided to create a unique product allowing everyone to enjoy the desired content. From now-on, always have what to watch.
In 2022 - rebranding with true positioning - next-step electronics | as we see it
In 2023 Gazer opened to the world two ecosystems - METASMART CAR and METASMART TV
Headquarters located in London, UK
Main RnD Center located in Ukraine
Regional headquarters located in Abu-Dhabi, UAE
Production management offices located in China and Poland
Official partnership with
Google since 2022
nVidia since 2013
Gazer - British brand