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  • multiart by Gazer: a gallery for the metaverse

    multiart by Gazer: a gallery for the metaverse at “CRYPTO ART EXHIBITION” in Hamburg

    We have just showcased our latest electronics on the global stage! Gazer TVs had a gallery at the international digital art exhibition, “100X CRYPTO ART EXHIBITION,” presented by MAGALL.ART gallery during the Blockchance23 crypto conference in Hamburg. Here, Gazer astonished the world with its incredible innovations in televisions, enabling NFT art to take the next …

  • Powered by Gazer. Multiart Presentation by Gazer at the International NFT Conference

    Now everyone can own a unique “Mona Lisa” thanks to NFT art. Rare paintings, limited collections, instant ownership. Art has reached the next level, displacing traditional formats with tech driven ones as a result of the massive advantages technology offers to art . The International NFT Conference once again brought together artists and digital art …