The more you know yourself, the more you need Gazer

Gazer develops and manufactures electronics for home and car - two places around the world designed for happiness
In the category for home - the main center of pleasure and entertainment, education and development: SMART TV.

In the in-car electronics - nine categories: a complete package to ensure the maximum level of safety and comfort.

The UK Gazer brand develops and produces more than 1000 models of electronics.
What does Gazer do?
Why does the Gazer brand produce TVs, why does it run this business?

It is worth asking this question to every brand that knocks at the door. After all, there are already dozens of brands in the world that produce TVs that meet the requirements of the market accurately.

Is that right?
Why does Gazer produce TVs?
The market averages out people, makes them a typical consumer. And both the manufacturer and the seller focus on such a typical consumer. The position of Gazer is fundamentally opposite.

After all, all people are individual.

Everyone has its own habits, preferences, and everyone is realized in its own way, not as everybody. What about you? After all, your apartment is not at all the same as the ones in your house. All manufacturers try to get into the target audience, offering the necessary set of functions and impressing with parameters. But no one says or offers anything personally for you so that you can use the TV based on your personal preferences in the way, just you want.

Without any limitations or difficulties.
But who is this market?
Electronics that unfold your individuality
Everyone can produce equipment, the best of them will be able to produce good and even excellent equipment. But your equipment can only create that brand that seeks to make you happier, but not surprise you with parameters or conquer with its authority.

This is the mission of the Gazer brand to create and present to people the possibilities of the most modern technologies that we have turned into really useful, convenient and highly sought functions of the TV-set.

Creating of such opportunities is the mission of the Gazer brand, each product and function is created precisely as an opportunity, but not as a characteristic. To discover and realize a person’s identity is the meaning of existence of the Gazer brand, which is the basis of its activities and business.

What is the meaning of the Gazer brand?
The quality and brightness of the picture is the first and most important thing in the TV.

Gazer did this perfectly not only when viewing directly, but also at any angle from anywhere in the room thanks to its IPS screen.

The color rendition is balanced perfectly, as in the best laptop of the world. And the sound settings were made by the judges of sound competitions. Everything for perfect emotions.
The quality of the picture
The TV has turned into a full-fledged Internet-based tablet, with all online cinemas in the world, a game console and a multimedia and educational center without any restrictions with its own version of Android OS and two application stores.

Apps without any restrictions
Find movies with the help of voice in all installed online cinemas without typing a single letter in the search bar. Remember and call to the voice console.

Control the designer console without a single extra button and in the gyro-mouse mode. The console will find itself if you lose it. Turn and play like with a real game pad.

Perform a voice search from the mobile application, type text from the keyboard, control the gyro-mouse, touch pad or as a regular console.
TV control
When everyone is asleep, connect your wireless headphones and watch without volume restrictions.
Connecting accessories
Broadcast the TV on your phone to go to the refrigerator or check what the child is watching in the next room. Duplicate your smartphone on TV in order to show photos or presentations.

Turn on the TV image on the phone to check what the child is watching in the next room.
Connect the satellite dish directly to TV without decoders and extra consoles - the TV will open satellite channels or allow you to enter the channel key directly into the menu.
Satellite TV
Play any games on the big screen, without console desks and set-top boxes.

Let yourself to battle with the child or become a child yourself for a short time.
Games on TV
Turn your TV into a digital picture - classics, contemporary art or the sweetest photo from your phone is your decoration of the room now.
Gazer ArtMode