Gazer E7 twin

399.00 $

The flagship 2-channel model includes a central unit with a built-in 3.0″ display and two tiny remote Full HD video cameras, inconspicuous inside the car. Wi-Fi module and Gazer Dashcam mobile app for setup, video viewing, and publication. CCTV recording in a parked car with vehicle network voltage control. WDR function, 60 fps recording, support of 128Gb memory cards, wireless control button, password protection. Optional GPS module.

multirec system™


E7 twin ensures maximum peace of mind behind the wheel. Two cameras mean double the protection. Situations inside, in front of, or behind the vehicle will be recorded in high quality at any time of the day or night. Whether on the road in motion or in the parking lot with the engine off, it captures all the details: license plates, signs, road markings, pedestrians, and event details both inside and outside the car. It is password-protected to keep prying eyes away and can be easily configured through the app.

Why E7 twin is so perfect

2 cameras for capturing events inside, in front of, and behind the vehicle

Clear recording of vehicles, road markings, signs, and pedestrians – day and night

Shadow and bright light detail capture function

High-quality recording mode without blurry images during fast motion

Access blocking to the recorder for other individuals

Parking mode recording with the engine off

Automatic saving of important videos

Wireless button for protecting video clips

Easy configuration through the iOS and Android app

The Perfect Pair: Inside and Around the Vehicle

Get double protection from the stress of unknown scratches or missing items. With Gazer E7 twin, everything hidden becomes visible. It simultaneously records with two cameras. One captures events inside the vehicle, while the other documents situations on the road. The internal camera can also be positioned to cover events behind the car. No scratch or theft will go unnoticed with E7 twin. It replaces unnecessary stress with additional peace of mind.

Earns Trust – Captures Quality Day and Night

How to discern license plates in the dark without headlights or in the glaring light from headlights? Trust the recording capabilities of E7 twin. Its F1.8 aperture and Sony Exmor 1/2.7″ sensor allow for Full HD recording even at night. And with the WDR function, you can clearly see captured license plates, road signs, and pedestrians in both shadow and blinding light. With Gazer E7 twin, you will always be aware of all the details of the situation.

Feel at Ease on the Road

Unregulated intersections or four-lane roads sometimes fall outside the field of view of a dashcam. However, accidents often occur in these areas. For your peace of mind behind the wheel, Gazer E7 twin cameras are equipped with a 160° viewing angle. Additionally, they feature a convenient mounting system that allows for easy camera adjustment. This enables the recording of events not only in front of the vehicle but also to the left, right, and rear.

Inconspicuous Protection without Blurry Zones

Will the license plates of cars speeding by be visible? Yes. To avoid blurriness in the footage while in motion, the E7 twin has a recording mode with a frame rate of 60 frames per second (60 fps). With this dashcam, no moment on the road will go unnoticed. However, the device itself can go unnoticed as well. Its central unit with the screen can be discreetly tucked away in the glove compartment, preserving the desired interior aesthetics and providing practically inconspicuous protection.

Parking Lot Surveillance

When we leave our car in a public parking lot, we want to ensure its maximum safety. We park away from trees, “suspicious” vehicles, and the edge of the road. With the Gazer E7 twin, leaving your car becomes even more reassuring. It records events not only while driving but also while parked. And you can instantly view them from your phone using the free Gazer Dashcam app.

Preserves Your Privacy

No one will be able to access the recordings on your video recorder without your knowledge. The E7 twin has a blocking function, just like on a phone. To activate it, you need to set a password and press the hidden button. Only you will be able to unlock access to the videos. The password will stop anyone else from accessing the files and settings. The E7 twin is the perfect choice if your car is used by other people.

Important Videos Will Be Preserved No Matter What!

Worried that an important recording might get deleted? To prevent this from happening, we equipped the E7 twin with a G-sensor and a protection button. The G-sensor detects impacts, shocks, sudden turns, and braking, ensuring that all recordings during such events are protected from deletion. And if you want to save other clips, simply press the protection button, which can be conveniently placed in a desired location. With the E7 twin, you won’t lose any important files.

Easily Configured through the Gazer Dashcam App

Long settings through the screen, confusing instructions, and buttons – to combat this dreadful past, we equipped the E7 twin with a Wi-Fi module and created the mobile app Gazer Dashcam. Download it for free on your phone from the App Store or Google Play, connect the dashcam via Wi-Fi, and customize it to your preferences. It’s that simple!

Convenient & Independent Assistant

View saved videos, adjust recording settings, keep an eye on your parked car – all from your phone with the E7 twin. And you don’t have to worry about the device’s memory. It has a cyclic recording feature, which automatically deletes old videos. Plus, with support for microSDXC memory cards up to 128GB, you can ensure uninterrupted recording during long trips.

Gazer E7 twin

Number of cameras 2
Video resolution 2x Full HD
Camera angle 2×160°
WiFi +
Wireless remote button +
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode +
Display 3.0″
Mount type Сamera rotation
Memory card support 128 Gb