Gazer E7 fusion

100.00 $

Miniature dashcam Gazer E7 fusion DVR with SuperHD 2304×1296 recording resolution, built-in 1.5 ”display and Wi-Fi module for controlling and saving files to smartphone via Gazer Dashcam application. Professional-grade Sony Exmor sensor, 60 frames per second recording mode, 160° wide viewing angle, F2.0 aperture glass lens. Support of 128 Gb memory cards for maximum recording time, support of GPS modules for fixing speed and route, compact mount on 3M tape with 360-degree rotation capability.

Does your heart skip a beat every time a nearby car makes a sharp maneuver or a pedestrian unexpectedly jumps onto the road? Are you worried that in case of others’ carelessness, you’ll be blamed for an accident? Stay confident and calm in any road situation, knowing you have reliable evidence from your unbiased witness, which will surely capture all the important moments of your journey.

A miniature dashcam that captures all the details

Capture all the details on the road with the compact Gazer dashcam E7 Fusion, which fits even behind the rearview mirror. It ensures high quality and clarity of video in any lighting conditions. Easily configurable via the mobile app. When the memory card is full, it automatically deletes old files and protects important videos from being overwritten.

Gazer E7 Fusion has a built-in Wi-Fi module. Access to it is provided through the Gazer Dashcam app for Android and iOS. Thanks to this, you can configure the dashcam, view, and download necessary videos directly from your phone, without removing the memory card or using wired connections.

Convenient access from phone

The dashcam features a compact size and a 1.5-inch screen. It securely attaches to the windshield using 3M tape. The device can rotate 360°, so if needed, the camera can easily change its angle or rotate into the car’s interior.

With a wide 160° field of view, it captures not only the road ahead but also the side and oncoming lanes, and even the sidewalk. The memory card capacity is sufficient for recording up to 12 hours of footage.

Small size, big horizons

The only things that can add problems and stress to a driver in the event of an accident are black spots on the video or overexposure instead of a clear picture from the dashcam. With Gazer E7 Fusion, you’ll never experience this. Thanks to Super HD technology, the video recording quality remains flawless both during the day and at night.

The built-in Sony Exmor 1/2.9 sensor effectively minimizes noise and sharply highlights all image details: moving car license plates, indicators and road signs, pedestrians.

Furthermore, the device features a high-quality six-layer glass lens with an aperture of F2.0, ensuring high video clarity even when recorded at night or in poorly lit tunnels.

Captures clearly in low light, like during the day

In intense road situations, every second matters. The G-sensor will instantly react to emergency braking, sharp turns, impacts, and jolts, even strong shaking of the car on uneven roads. It will immediately capture the unusual situation and automatically save the video to a folder protected from overwriting.

Protects “critical” videos

After setup, the Gazer dashcam E7 Fusion requires no additional attention in maintenance. The device operates synchronously with the engine, turning on when it starts and off when parked. It autonomously clears the oldest videos after the memory card is full, freeing up space for new ones. It reliably protects “critical” important video files from deletion. It supports microSDXC memory cards up to 128 GB, with 30% allocated for “emergency” video recordings.

Completely autonomous

Gazer E7 fusion

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Super HD
Camera angle 160°
WiFi +
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode
Display 1.5″
Mount type 360° rotation
Memory card support 128 Gb