Gazer E7 guard

59.00 $

Full HD model with magnetic mounting and power transmission from a rechargeable battery. Can record footage in a parked car for up to 60 days. Automatically activates recording when the impact sensor is triggered. Emergency videos are protected from deletion. Turns on and off synchronously with the engine. Supports memory cards up to 32 Gb. Equipped with a 2″ color display with a sleep timer. Viewing angle – 140°. Features a new generation sensor with an increased matrix size. Fully captures the situation at intersections and highways.

multirec system™


Are you familiar with the anxiety when other drivers cut you off on the road? Or when someone runs a red light? Or the feeling of unease when leaving your car in a parking lot? Gain additional peace of mind and confidence behind the wheel with the Gazer E7 guard dashcam.

It captures all the events on the road clearly, regardless of lighting conditions. It saves “incident” videos and has a parking surveillance mode.

5 reasons why E7 guard

Detailed videos in twilight, darkness, under sunlight, and against it.

Wide viewing angle of 140° to capture events from all sides of the vehicle.

Saving of incident videos for your safety.

Parking surveillance mode that can last up to two months.

Magnetic mount with 3M adhesive for convenient installation.

“See Everything!” – Clear videos in any lighting

Full HD



We have improved the sensor, resulting in clear videos with minimal noise. The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) function enhances image quality in bright light and shadows. Now you can capture detailed videos at any time, day or night.

Worried that night or bright sunlight might obscure important recording details? The Gazer E7 guard dashcam will show you everything. With Full HD format and a six-layer glass lens with an aperture of F2.0, it ensures high-quality and detailed footage even in low light conditions.

Energy-saving functionality

The Gazer E7 guard dashcam features an automatic power-off function when the engine is turned off. This extends its operating time, so you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery at a crucial moment.

And to ensure your privacy remains intact, all videos can be recorded without sound. Simply press a button to preserve the privacy of your conversations.

70% cyclic recording and 30% emergency recording

All devices automatically delete old footage when the memory card is full. However, to prevent the loss of important evidence, the Gazer dashcam is equipped with a G-sensor. It protects against the deletion of videos recorded during sudden turns, braking, impact, or collision.

If you need to protect a specific file, there is an emergency button with a pre-recording function. It saves video as an emergency recording for 10 to 20 seconds after pressing the button.

Your advocate on the road

“That’s exactly how it happened! It’s just not visible on the video.” A horrifying nightmare in case of an accident when you have no evidence. And in your hands – a poor-quality device.

The Gazer E7 guard dashcam has a wide 140° viewing angle. This allows capturing events on the road not only in front of the car but also on the sides. You are protected with evidence from all sides. All events will be securely recorded as the 32GB memory allows for continuous recording of 4-5 hours.

Parking Guard

You never know when and where your car might get scratched or damaged. And for insurance purposes, evidence is everything. That’s why the Gazer E7 guard provides peace of mind not only on the road but also in parking lots. It has a special parking recording mode that can store up to two months of footage.

The recording is automatically triggered when the G-sensor is activated. As soon as the car senses a bump or impact, the device will capture everything from the first to the last second.

Easy to Install and Use: No Clips or Wires

The Gazer E7 guard features a magnetic mounting with power delivery. This allows for easy attachment and charging without the need for clips or wires. The device securely connects to the mount using a reliable magnet. It holds it firmly in place and allows for quick removal when needed.

Gazer E7 guard

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Full HD
Camera angle 140°
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode +
Display 2.0″
Mount type Vertical rotation
Memory card support 32 Gb