Gazer E7 cloud

300.00 $

Gazer E7 cloud keeps you connected with your car. This is a completely different level of security and remote control. It seamlessly records and archives your footage in the cloud that you have access to anytime, anywhere. This is an opportunity to see online what is happening in and around the car, being hundreds of kilometers away from it. This is a reliable way to track the movement, to prevent unpunished break-in or car damage.

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Travel without worry about potential accidents – the dashcam won’t miss any details. Enjoy your journey and rest assured that you won’t miss any important moments.

Gazer E7 cloud is designed to provide peace of mind behind the wheel. It captures all events in high-quality Full HD. License plates, pedestrians, road markings – everything is clearly visible on the recorded video, regardless of lighting conditions.

7 superpowers of the E7 cloud dashcam

High-quality video in any lighting conditions

Detailed recording in low light

Protection of accident footage from deletion

Parking surveillance mode

Quick message transmission through the speaker

Notifications for additional safety

Additional theft protection

Sees in the dark

Dark spots on the footage instead of an important moment? E7 cloud will spare you this unpleasant experience. It records events in Full HD quality, ensuring high clarity and image detail even in low-light conditions. Whether it’s darkness, bright sunlight, or blinding headlights, you’ll capture every moment on the road with visibility. And with a 160° field of view, it captures events from all sides of the vehicle.

Provides additional protection against theft

Here are two facts about car security.

First: Alarms don’t always save you from thieves.

Second: With the E7 cloud dashcam, you’ll have extra protection against theft. You can now track your vehicle’s route on mobile online maps and receive coordinates and photos from the parking location during each stop, all directly to your phone.

Preserves important videos

Dealing with a traffic accident can be less stressful when you have clear video evidence that captures all the details of the situation. E7 cloud not only ensures high-quality and detailed recording but also reliable preservation of the footage. The G-sensor is responsible for this. When it detects a sudden turn, braking, impact, or collision, it automatically saves the video with that event. E7 cloud provides you with reliable evidence and peace of mind behind the wheel.

Ensuring a safe journey

Persistent thoughts about work or other matters can sometimes distract you around the clock. Lost in thought, you may unintentionally exceed the speed limit and receive a fine. Gazer E7 cloud is designed to promptly alert you of traffic rule violations. As soon as your speed exceeds the limit, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Protecting your peace of mind in parking lots

No one closely monitors your car in a parking lot. As a result, it can acquire scratches and dents of unknown origin. E7 cloud takes the situation under its control. It monitors the battery level and performs energy-saving recording while parked. You can immediately review all the recordings through the free Gazer Cloud application. It allows you to easily control the dashcam from your phone and conveniently locate the desired video clips.

Delivers messages quickly

Is your car used by different family members? E7 cloud provides additional safety behind the wheel. The driver won’t need to be distracted by their phone to read text messages. The device has a built-in speaker that will automatically play your audio message. Simply dictate it through your smartphone, and E7 cloud will instantly voice it in the car’s cabin.

Relieves you from anxious monitoring

E7 cloud automatically turns on and off with the engine, taking away the need for manual control. It automatically deletes old recordings to make space for new ones, ensuring you never miss a moment. It stores accident videos in a separate folder, protected from automatic deletion. Additionally, it captures all impacts and collisions on the parking lot, even without power supply. Free yourself from unnecessary stress with E7 cloud. Enjoy your journey while Gazer dashcam takes care of the recording.

Gazer E7 cloud

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Full HD
Camera angle 160°
WiFi +
4G/LTE +
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage +
Parking recording mode +
Mount type Vertical rotation
Memory card support 64 Gb