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You need the M8 to remove your smartphone from the windshield or keep it away from your hands while driving!
Enhance your car with the new Gazer M8 advanced multimedia system. The device runs Android 10 and has an anti-glare HD touch screen.
The perfect marriage of technology, ultra performance, and ease of use
You need the M8 to connect your favorite app with maps and music.
You need the M8 to reply to a message by voice.
Anti-reflective coating
The large display guarantees crystal clear picture quality. Thanks to the special anti-reflective coating, you can be sure that in any weather and at any angle, the picture will remain high quality, clear, and glare free.
QLED matrix
9-inch HD display with the QLED matrix. High level backlight brightness, and rich color reproduction at any viewing angle. The model comes with our proprietary Gazer color calibration feature.
Touch control
The M8 has a highly sensitive touch screen. The system responds instantaneously to touch and provides maximum responsiveness to commands.
The 2.5D tempered glass screen is durable and scratch-resistant, with rounded edges.
With this mode, you can view several apps simultaneously, such as YouTube and navigation. The screen can be easily split in two.
You can also display the rear view camera on the Home screen at any time.
There is a window on the desktop to configure this option.
Split View
You will be able to quickly launch the apps you want, with the display icons on the main screen.
6 GB RAM allows you to run multiple apps simultaneously and quickly use the interface. With 128 GB of internal memory you can store any music or program on your device.
Maximum operating speed
The speaker system is powered by a super-powerful and fast 2.0GHz 8-core processor with 12nm process technology. It provides half the heat dissipation at maximum loads. You won't have any problems with overheating or throttling when using it for extended periods of time.
4G LTE modem
The device has a built-in high-speed 4G LTE modem that supports simultaneous use of two SIM cards. You can choose from which SIM card to use the Internet.
In addition, you can replace one of the SIM cards quickly and easily. The remote slot is wired to the glove compartment.
You need M8 to have reliable navigation.
Gazer M8 supports AHD digital rear view cameras with Full HD resolution.
Connecting rear view cameras
Active cooling
The device's active cooling technology is the ideal solution for the Middle Eastern climate. Stable operation without overheating in all extreme weather and temperature conditions, thanks to the built-in fan and heatsink.
Hi-Fi sound
The head unit is equipped with a state-of-the-art Hi-Fi amplifier. It provides high quality sound that easily surpasses the original car audio systems. The amplifier is responsible for sound output to the speakers if your car does not have an OEM or installed amplifier.
Powerful and crystal clear sound for any audio.
DSP processor and soundstage modification
The built-in DSP audio processor splits the sound by channels, changes the EQ, and controls delays and frequency filters.
You can set the sound delay on each channel to form the ideal sound stage so that it plays perfectly, for your ears only.
32-band equalizer
Adjust the sound intensity into 32 frequency ranges.
In addition, there is a separate audio channel for subwoofer control.
You need M8 to get more happiness from your car.
Thanks to the digital crossover function, you can set a frequency filter – set which frequencies to skip for certain channels, so that the audio is perfectly individualized.
If you need to compensate for differences in acoustics, there is a separate bass adjustment on the front and rear speakers.
Digital crossover and bass adjustment
Enhanced FM radio reception
The model is equipped with the latest generation radio receiver, and the result of over a decade of experience in the development of car radios. Additional signal filters, perfect reception with no interference, even at the maximum distances from radio towers.
5.1 audio outputs
Gazer M8 has digital optical and coaxial 5.1 audio outputs for connecting to external modern digital amplifiers.
Gazer develops each model for a specific car or model range. Rest assured that the multimedia system will perfectly complement and enhance your specific car.
Full car integration
Connect your phones
● Wireless CarPlay
● Wired Android Auto
● Bluetooth for streaming audio and making calls
The sound quality remains perfect, whatever you’re using.
Voice control
With full voice control, you don't have to touch the screen and take your eyes off the road. It is effortless to launch apps, switch tracks, and control settings.
To connect your iPhone to your car stereo in order to integrate Siri and other functions: navigate routes, send and receive messages (with voice playback), listen to music. All iPhone functions will be displayed on the device screen with thebranded interface.
You need M8 to make driving comfortable and safe.
Internet access via 4G LTE modem
Internet access opens up a broad range of possibilities – viewing photo and video files, downloading apps, usingnavigation, communicating in social networks or messengers.
External microphone
Thanks to the built-in microphone, you can comfortably communicate hands-free from anywhere in the car. If necessary, connect the external microphone included in the package.
The car stereo enters sleep mode from the moment the engine is turned off. After three days of inactivity, it switches off completely to save the car battery. It wakes up from sleep mode within a few seconds.
Sleep mode
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