as we see it
as we see it
You need the M70 to remove your smartphone from the windshield or keep it away from your hands while driving!

Enhance your car with the unique Gazer M70 multimedia interface.
The perfect combination of advanced technology, multitasking and ease of operation.
How it works
Gazer M70 connects to the original car stereo in the cabin, expanding the car’s media capabilities, and allowing you to use functions never intended for it.
You need the M70 to connect your favorite apps with maps and music.
You need the M70 to reply to a message by voice.
Switching on the Gazer M70
To turn on the video interface, press and hold the preset button on the steering wheel, or on the original car stereo controls.
CarPlay, Android Auto and the video interface menus are controlled using the standard interface:
● original rings/joysticks (BMW, AUDI, Mercedes, Lexus)
● original touch panels (Land Rover, Porsche, PSA, VW)
Connecting smartphones
● Wireless CarPlay (connect iPhone and display the iPhone interface on the car stereo)
● Wireless Android Auto (connect Android phones and display the Android interface on the car stereo).
If your car does not have a factory-installed rear view camera, you can connect any newly installed one with the Gazer M70.
Connecting rear view camera
PDC feature
The image from the retrofitted rear view camera will display information about the factory-installed parking sensor, if oneis installed in the car.
iPas feature
The image from the retrofitted rear view camera will also show dynamic trajectory lines from the rear, depending on the movement of the steering wheel.
You need M70 to get more happiness from your car.
You need M70 to have reliable navigation.
To connect your iPhone to your car stereo to integrate Siri and other functions: navigate routes, send and receive messages (with voice playback), listen to music. All iPhone functionality will be displayed on the screen of the device with a branded interface.
You need M70 to make driving comfortable and safe.
вавыа111 M70 - happiness in your daily life
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