Become a Partner
Become a Partner
Or schedule your first journey into the Metaverse with Gazer
This very moment the metaverse is already holding concerts, exhibitions, and many other events.

It is the place where people meet, go on dates, work, and travel.
The future that is already here
The metaverse removes all borders, whether physical or metaphysical. You can be both at home, and anywhere in the universe, simultaneously.
Soon, every fourth person on Earth will be in the metaverse
A digital Gucci bag was sold for more than 4100 dollars
$ 5 000 000 000 000
By 2030, the Metaverse is projected to generate 5 trillion dollars globally.
Lil Nas X’s "Roblox" had over 33 million viewers
45,8 million people attended Fortnite concerts in the Metaverse
Make sure not to miss the METAVERSE TV WEEK in your country
April 28, 2023
The world’s first TV with access to the Metaverse
Discover the virtual world together with the Gazer METASMART TV
you will be able to jump into the metaverse straight from a Gazer METASMART TV screen
In the premium electronics store in your country
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The event will take place in the capital of your country. We will have the event on April 15, 2023
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Schedule your first journey into the metaverse with Gazer
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