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METASMART TV – a new era in the world of televisions at IFA-2023

SMART TV technology will surprise no one now. Now SMART TVs are available to everyone, but their capabilities and functions are standard and do not depend on the brand. And while such televisions filled storefronts, technology continued to develop. The results were not long in coming: in 2023, a revolution took place in the world of television – the transition to Web 3.0. This created a new generation of METASMART TVs and Gazer became a debutant and pioneer in this category of TVs. It was the first brand in the world to offer us the next generation METASMART TV with access to the Meta universe and access to almost all NFTs in the world.


I was so impressed by this booth of Gazer who developed next-step electronics and combined metaverse for TV and car users


METASMART TV: A revolutionary leap in the development of television technology

Gazer will shock with its latest development in TV technology introduced at IFA-2023 The development of Web 3.0 technology has become a catalyst for a revolution in various electronics fields. Television technology immedi