What unites all Smart TV owners?
30 minutes searching for a movie, then off to bed
Sound familiar?
If you know the movie's title
how many apps do you need to open to find it?
which app can help you find a good movie, and more importantly, how?
And if you don't know what to watch?
How does the search usually go?
open each apps
installed on the TV
enter the title and check
is there a movie, is it included in our subscription, or requires purchasing?
search for the movie title using our smartphone
recommendations, opinion leaders, and social media
How does the search usually end?
Movie not found
It's only in English
The movie costs $10
The movie is available in the desired language, but not included in the subscription
Could it be available in another app? Can we purchase that movie today?
The movie is not available
on the installed apps
But the movie exists
—so where is it?
The movie is available, but without subtitles in the desired language
Even if you understand the language, the viewing experience is less enjoyable
How would you like your TV to work?
like Booking
like Amazon
like Kiwi
for searching products
for searching hotels
for searching flights
It’s on your
TV main screen
To gather all the content in one place, without the need to open multiple apps for searching and selecting

It's a real marketplace for your TV. Not just apps, but also TV channels and movies—now on the main screen

Content selection center
Everyone has their own personalized TV
Profiles change automatically—the remote recognizes whose hands it's in. Yes, it's magic 🙂

The selected apps, TV channels, watchlist, history, favorite collections, movie search settings—all personalized for each viewer
TV channels
All free-to-air TV channels for you

No subscriptions, no payment information required, no complicated setups. Everything works out of the box

Switch channels as much as you like
The most important part
Absolutely every movie and TV series that exists in the world

Collected in a single catalog from all the global databases — IMDb, TMDB, and many others

If the movie exists — you'll find it
TV channels
A unique filter for searching for movies and TV series

With all available parameters and combinations. Adding and removing. Using keywords. Even filtering by actors, directors, studios, and film awards

Find exactly what you're looking for
All popular movie collections from the Internet

From studios, online cinemas, movie websites, critics, film opinion leaders, famous personalities, and even local bloggers

Collections right on your TV
Artificial Intelligence
Movie search using ChatGPT

Artificial intelligence will find a movie similar to the one you mentioned. Tailored to your mood, theme, specific plot, desired actors, and so much more

Create endless AI libraries
Cinema links
Where can you watch the selected movie?

Where is it airing, does it require a subscription, is it available for rent or purchase?

Go straight to viewing
Language translation
Find the desired movie, in the required language

In which online cinema is this movie available for streaming in your desired language and country?

Turn on VPN and enjoy
You are automatically registered to every online movie platform

If the movie is in an app you haven't downloaded or registered in — simply enter the login and password that have already been created for you in advance

Just log in and enjoy
Registration for online movie platforms