Gazer SMART TV43-FN1 live edition 43″

369.00 $

The Gazer METASMART TV series live edition N1 is designed for those who choose innovation and value their own comfort. It will find a movie in seconds in the chosen language in all applications and show the conditions for viewing it. Equipped with ChatGPT, which selects movies based on a variety of requests. Its unique METASMART TV launcher with numerous search parameters will quickly and conveniently sort through all existing movies and instantly find the necessary one. And the multi-catalog eliminates the need to search for movie and series recommendations on social media and websites, as it gathers them into convenient collections on the main screen.

Is the long, and sometimes fruitless, search for movies on a regular SMART TV bothering you? The time allocated for relaxation is slipping away while you search for movies and series separately in each application, download streaming services that are not yet installed, and go through unnecessary registrations. And all this just to check the availability of the film in the required language and its cost.

Is this how a search for movies should work on a modern TV?

The Gazer METASMART TV N1 live edition revolutionizes the outdated way of selecting and watching movies. With it, searching for movies and series is as easy as searching for hotels or products on popular platforms. Just enter a query, and instantly receive comprehensive information about the chosen movie, including a list of services where it is available, and the viewing terms: subscription, rental, or purchase.

ChatGPT in the search system

Want to explore new ways to search for content on your TV?

Then ChatGPT is at your service, ready to find the exact movie or series to match your desires! Want to watch a movie that a friend mentioned but forgot the title? Just enter a brief description in the search, and the AI will compile a list of films that match it perfectly. With ChatGPT, you can find movies by plot description, main characters, setting, themes similar to your past favorites, and even by the type of emotions you want to experience during viewing. Create as much as you want, as there is no limit to the number of requests.

The unique METASMART TV launcher

For those who prefer to select movies using search filters, the unique METASMART TV launcher will be a great fit. This optimized filter has numerous parameters for searching movies and sorting results. Mix and match necessary criteria and search for movies by title, genre, rating, production studio, dubbing language, release year, awards, director, cast, and more.

A single click on a liked movie instantly brings up full information on the main screen along with a list of apps where you can watch it under various conditions – subscription, rental, or purchase. If the desired movie is available in digital format, you’ll easily find it with METASMART TV.

Multicatalog and collections

No need to store collections of movies and series on social networks anymore, as the METASMART TV live edition N1 gathers them all into multicatalogs right on the main screen.

Here, you’ll find fresh collections with recommendations from online cinemas, film studios, critics, celebrities, opinion leaders, and local bloggers. For a quick selection of an interesting movie, you can switch between them using the remote control.

Access to all digital channels

Digital TV enthusiasts with the Gazer live edition N1 will find all available channels in their country. With just one click on the main screen, users can compare offerings from different providers, subscribe, and start watching their favorite TV shows.

Realistic display from the multiverse screen

Full immersion into movie plots is achieved through the unique multiverse screen technology based on IPS. The True RGB subpixel layout ensures a perfect image from any viewing angle.

An anti-glare coating ensures that you can enjoy viewing without reflections on the screen.

The screen’s image will retain its brightness, contrast, and saturation for over 10 years, even with extended viewing or using NFT art as a screensaver.

Ergonomic multicontrol remote™

The reliable companion to the Gazer TV, the multicontrol remote, pleasantly surprises with its stylish design and attention to detail:

Can input search queries via text or voice. Features buttons for quick access to popular apps like Netflix and YouTube.

Doesn’t require batteries, charges via a standard Type-C connector.

Rotates 90 degrees to become a gamepad. Equipped with a gyroscopic mouse for easy cursor movement on the screen.

Operates via Bluetooth, can control the TV even from the adjacent room.

Contemporary art and NFT

The unique multiart app instantly grants access to nearly all contemporary art galleries and NFTs. Digital paintings can be conveniently viewed on the large screen of the METASMART TV live edition N1. Favorite pieces can be saved to your collection and used as screensavers.

No more black rectangles on the wall. The Gazer METASMART TV instantly transforms into a stylish picture, complementing the interior as desired. Screensavers can be changed an unlimited number of times.

Frameless screen fits perfectly into any interior and provides a sense of realism and presence during viewing.

A TV that impresses with its perfection

Android TV 11 operating system provides access to a variety of multimedia content, games, and over 1000 TV-adapted applications from the Google Play Market.

Powerful and clear sound of various formats. Unmatched Hi-Fi level sound can be adjusted to your preferences using a 9-band equalizer. Codecs supported: Dolby, AC3, AC4, EAC3, FLAC, AAC.

Quick access to popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon right from the remote.

With the Gazer METASMART TV live edition N1, you always have what to watch!


Live Edition
Number of Channels 75
Unique Features
Metaverse Access Yes
Access to NFT Platforms Yes
Contemporary Art Gallery Yes
MultiArt Mode (NFT or ART in Screensaver Mode) Yes
TV Button Press Remote Locator Yes
Resolution FullHD 1920×1080
Backlight Type DLED
MultiVerse Screen Technology (IPS, TrueRGB) Yes
Operating System Android TV
Chromecast Yes
Ability to Install Third-party Apps Yes
4K Content Playback Yes, up to 150 mbit/s (H.265 HEVC)
60 fps Video Playback Yes
Video Codecs VP8, VP9, H.264, H.265 HEVC, AV1
Audio Codecs Dolby, AC3, AC4, EAC3, FLAC, AAC
External Storage Support Yes
OTA Software Updates Yes
CPU 4 Core Cortex A55 1.45 GHz
GPU Mali G31 MP2
RAM 1 Gb
ROM 8 Gb
Wireless Technologies
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
Bluetooth v5.0
Connectivity Options
Built-in Tuners DVB-T2/DVB-S2/DVB-C
Antenna Inputs 1 x S2, 1 x T2/C
HDMI 2 x HDMI 1.4
AV 1 x AV
LAN 1 x RJ45
Optical Audio Output 1 x Toslink
Expansion Slot CI+
Compatibility with Sony PS5 and Xbox One Yes
VESA 400×200 мм
Other Features and Specifications
Standby Mode Yes
Automatic Shutdown Timer Yes
Model Year 2023