Gazer multimedia system T6009-SJF PRO for Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018

699.00 $

Did you know that a multimedia system can do much more than just play music and show routes?

The Gazer multimedia system T6009-SJF PRO completely replaces your smartphone when you are behind the wheel. It displays its interface on the screen and allows you to perform all necessary actions by voice after connecting it to CarPlay or Android Auto.

By voice or steering wheel buttons, you can play music, adjust the volume, make calls, and use all other phone functions while keeping your hands on the wheel. And that’s not all.

Use the multimedia system T6 as a navigator with a high-quality QLED screen that selects the best route – with up-to-date traffic data and camera notifications. Always online and compatible with all navigation systems.

Turn it on for concerts in the car and mini-cinemas at stops. Crystal-clear sound of HiFi level will satisfy the most demanding.

Each element of the multimedia system T6 is designed for your comfort and safety behind the wheel.



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    Forget about magnets or mounts to hold your smartphone in the car.

    No more glancing at your smartphone to assess road conditions. View real-time traffic data from Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Google Maps, and Waze on the convenient large screen already embedded in your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018. Additionally, access YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, as well as internet radio and music in your vehicle.

    The Gazer T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system is specifically designed for the Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018, it is seamlessly integrated with Plug&Play functionality just like the original system. It features a large touchscreen, an Android operating system, and continuous internet access.

    With this advanced navigation and entertainment system, all your journeys become safe and easy.

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    CarPlay and Android Auto

    As soon as you start the engine of your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018, your smartphone automatically connects to CarPlay. Manage your phone’s apps directly from the T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system screen. Answer calls, switch music, and keep track of navigation—all made more convenient, as it doesn’t matter where your phone is located, as long as it’s in the car.

    To activate Android Auto mode in your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018, there’s no need for a cable connection anymore. Simply do it through the large touchscreen of the T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system. Log in to your Google account and synchronize it with the car. All the capabilities of your Google account are now accessible from the large screen of your head unit: email, calendar, contact list, and navigation. The T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system is another one of your Android gadgets.

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    Google Maps or Waze,
    a hassle-free journey

    Your faithful companions, Google Maps or Waze, always know the way and help you avoid traffic jams. Now, they’re on the large screen of your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018. Constantly online, they warn about traffic jams, speed camera controls, and guide the way in unfamiliar places. No need to squint at navigation on your phone. Plan your route directly on the large screen of the T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system. The screen doesn’t minimize the travel route during phone calls. Voice navigation warnings make music and radio quieter during alerts. You’ll arrive at your destination with confidence and won’t get lost in unfamiliar areas.

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    Large Touchscreen

    The T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system boasts a generously sized touchscreen – 10.2 inches with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080. It’s like having a tablet seamlessly integrated into your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018.

    The advanced multiled screen technology ensures vibrant and vivid colors.

    Thanks to the anti-glare coating, the driver can comfortably monitor the route without sunlight reflections, ensuring undistracted attention to the road.

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    Continuous Internet Access

    The T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system is equipped with dual SIM card slots for 4G LTE internet access. Once you start the engine, the head unit connects, allowing you to plan routes on Google Maps or Waze, tune in to internet radio, or enjoy music apps. Familiar with the road? Play background videos. Choose from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, or any other online cinema. With over 10,000 apps on Google PlayMarket, everything from navigation and music to movies and videos is at your fingertips. With internet access, your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018‘s head unit transforms into an entertainment hub.

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    International Radio Stations

    Don’t limit yourself to radio stations. Thanks to an internet connection, you can choose radio stations from different countries worldwide and listen to them in digital quality. If you prefer traditional FM, you’ll appreciate the user-friendly navigation. For your convenience, radio stations are adorned with cover art and RDS information. For over 10 years, the Gazer multimedia system™ has ensured that you can enjoy FM with maximum reception range. Now, your favorite FM waves play seamlessly not only in the city but also far beyond its limits.

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    Unrivaled Sound

    As soon as you power on the stereo, it feels like you’re at a concert. The music resonates as if right in front of your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018. This is made possible by Gazer multisound technology. Perfect sound is achieved through a DSP processor, shifting the soundstage from the center of the cabin to the hood of your car. The music echoes right in front of you, not somewhere off to the side.

    Fine-tune the sound to your liking with Hi-Fi-level tools, including separate digital crossovers for the front and rear speakers, a 32-band equalizer, and subwoofer volume control.

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    Clear Communication and Bluetooth Music

    No need to get distracted from the road to take a call. Speak hands-free with the Gazer T6009-SJF PRO s loudspeaker. With Gazer T6009-SJF PRO , you hear your conversation partner clearly, while they have no clue you’re talking from your car. Two dedicated microphones and noise cancellation ensure the quality of your phone calls.

    Enjoy your favorite playlist in the car. The T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system seamlessly connects to your phone, resuming playback from where you left off. The cutting-edge Bluetooth module ensures high-definition sound transmission.

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    Safe Parking

    Parking in the dark is no longer a challenge. Rear and front-view cameras are available options for the T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system. Featuring Full HD 1920×1080 AHD format for maximum image quality, these cameras boast signature night vision settings recommended by professionals and experts over the past 10 years.

    Opt for a 360-degree view with the surround-view system, replacing both front and rear cameras. If your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018 is already equipped with factory cameras and parking sensors, they seamlessly integrate with the multimedia system.

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    Functionality and Convenience

    The main screen of the T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system is divided into four blocks. Customize them for your convenience. Navigation, player, and apps—what you use most often will always be displayed on your screen. No need to minimize navigation to answer a call or switch tracks or radio stations.

    You can even read messages from the main screen. Just grant the necessary permission in Bluetooth settings. The steering wheel buttons of the Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018 can control music playback. Use voice commands to create and change routes. Everything is designed to keep your attention on the road.

Power and Reliability

The Gazer T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system features a large screen, the latest generation Android operating system, and an 8-core processor. With 4 Gb of RAM and 64 Gb of internal storage, it fully replaces your smartphone in the car.

At the rear of the T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system, a specialized fan prevents the processor from overheating, even under extreme temperatures in the Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018 cabin. This essential component ensures long-term reliability for countries in the Middle East and Africa, where temperatures can soar.

Perfect Compatibility with Your Vehicle

The T6009-SJF PRO multimedia system is a comprehensive replacement for your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018s original entertainment system. It faithfully replicates the form and plastic quality, installing seamlessly while preserving all control elements and design aesthetics. Utilizing a Plug&Play method, it connects to all original connectors in your car without requiring wire replacement or damage.

Retaining all factory options, including steering wheel controls, original cameras, parking sensors, and FM antenna, it displays information about car settings and status. The head unit is fully integrated into your Subaru Forester 4 (SJ) 2015-2018, communicating seamlessly via the CAN bus.


Gazer multimedia system™ T6

Travel entertained.

Smartphone Connection
CarPlay Yes, wireless
Android Auto Yes, wired
Bluetooth Audio Yes
Bluetooth Handsfree Yes
Internet access 4G+ LTE
Bluetooth v 5.0
Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz
Display size 9″
Display type QLED
Display resolution HD 1280×720
Glass type 2.5D tempered
Anti-glare сoating Yes
Button back light color RGB
Audio features
Channel delay support No
Digital audio crossover Yes
Subwoofer volume control Yes
Front and rear bass settings Yes
EQ 32 Channels
OEM amplifier support Yes
Steering wheel buttons support Yes
Optical Audio out Yes, 5.1
Coaxial Audio out Yes, 5.1
Camera support 2x CVBS / AHD 1920×1080
OEM camera support Yes
SIM card slot 2x SIM, internal and external slots
USB 2.0 Yes, 3x
External Mic Yes, included
Operation system Android 10
Split View mode Yes
Stand-by / Quick wake up Yes
Voice control Yes
IPAS support Yes*
PDC support Yes*
TPMS support Yes*
Car climate information Yes*
Car climate control Yes*
Car service information Yes*
Car comfort settings Yes*
CPU 8x Core, 2x A75 2.0 GHz + 6x A55 1.8 GHz, 12 nm
RAM 4 Gb
Internal memory 64 Gb
Amplifier chip TDA7851
Digital Sound Processor (DSP) ROHM32107
Radio tuner chip TDA7708
Cooling fan Yes
* – depens on car model