Gazer multimedia system T6009-2190 for LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018

399.00 $

With Gazer multimedia system T6009-2190 you can use the buttons on the steering wheel to turn on the music, switch to your favorite songs, and adjust the volume. And that’s not all.

Use the multimedia system T6 as a navigator with a quality IPS screen, which selects the best route — with real-time traffic data and camera notifications. Always online and compatible with all navigation systems.

Turn it on for concerts in the car and mini-cinemas at stops. The crystal-clear HiFi sound will satisfy even the most demanding listeners.

Each element of the multimedia system T6 is designed for your comfort and safety behind the wheel.



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    Forget about magnets or mounts to hold your smartphone in the car.

    There’s no need to strain your eyes to see the route anymore. Access information about traffic jams through Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Google Maps, and Waze on the convenient large screen already installed in your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018. Explore YouTube, Netflix, Amazon, and Disney, and enjoy internet radio and music in your car.

    The Gazer T6009-2190 multimedia system is meticulously designed for the LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018, seamlessly integrating through a Plug & Play approach. It features a generous touchscreen, the Android operating system, and continuous internet access.

    With this cutting-edge navigation and entertainment system, all your journeys will be comfortable, safe, and enjoyable.

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    Internet Navigation with
    Google Maps or Waze

    Online navigation with Google Maps or Waze is now available on the screen of your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018. Always connected with verified information about traffic jams, speed camera locations, and the ability to plan your route. Forget about navigating on your phone — find the optimal path directly on the screen of your car.

    Voice navigation prompts automatically lower the volume of music and radio, ensuring that you hear them clearly. The screen does not turn off during phone calls thanks to hands-free communication. Now you’ll never miss a turn and will always set the right route.

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    Large touchscreen

    The touchscreen of the T6009-2190 multimedia system in the LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018 resembles a large 10.2-inch tablet with a Full HD resolution of 1920×1080.

    Thanks to the multiled screen technology, colors are vivid, rich, and bright.

    The anti-glare coating protects the screen from sunlight, ensuring a high-quality and meaningful display for both the driver and passengers.

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    Constant Internet Connectivity

    The T6009-2190 multimedia system can utilize two SIM cards for 4G LTE internet access. As soon as you start your vehicle, the infotainment system connects to the network instantly. Plan your routes on Google Maps or Waze, listen to tracks on music apps, or tune in to internet radio. If you wish, you can even watch videos—choose from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney, or any other online cinema. With over 10,000 apps available on Google Play Market, select the ones you need, whether it’s for navigation, music, movies, or videos. With internet access, your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018‘s screen becomes an entertainment hub.

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    Countless Internet Radio Stations
    from Dozens of Countries

    No longer confine yourself to radio stations in your city. Now you have the freedom to access thousands of radio waves from different countries around the world in digital quality. If you prefer traditional FM, you’ll appreciate the convenience of navigating through stations with cover art and RDS information. For over 10 years, the Gazer multimedia system™ has been working to ensure you receive maximum FM radio reception range without interference. Compare it with the standard LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018 stereo—now your favorite stations play with less noise and clearer signal at a greater distance from the city.

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    Incredible Sound Experience

    Listening to an ordinary car stereo will feel like a downgrade after experiencing the Gazer T6009-2190 multimedia system. It provides a concert-like audio experience, with music playing as if you were attending a live performance right in front of your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018. This is made possible by the Gazer multisound technology. The perfect sound is achieved through a DSP processor, which moves the audio stage from the interior of the cabin to the hood of your car. Music emanates directly in front of you, not somewhere behind or to the side.

    Fine-tune the sound to perfection with professional Hi-Fi level tools, including separate digital crossovers for the front and rear speakers, a 32-band equalizer, and subwoofer volume control.

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    Bluetooth for Music and Hands-Free Calls

    No need for wired connections to enjoy your playlist in your car. The T6009-2190 multimedia system seamlessly connects to your device via Bluetooth, continuing playback from the last track you listened to. The professional Bluetooth module ensures the best HD sound quality.

    Hands-free communication while driving is crucial for safety and avoiding penalties. With the T6009-2190 , your hands-free conversation through the car’s speakers will be indistinguishable from a regular phone call. You’ll hear your conversation partner clearly, and they won’t even realize you’re speaking from the car. The noise-canceling feature and two microphones ensure high-quality conversations.

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    Rear and Front View Cameras

    Parking at any time, especially during nighttime, will be as comfortable as during the day. The front and rear-view cameras are part of the options in the T6009-2190 multimedia system. The image quality is maximized with Full HD 1920×1080 in AHD format. The proprietary night vision settings, recommended by professionals and experts for over a decade, ensure optimal visibility. You can use individual options for the rear and front cameras or choose the 360-degree view.

    If your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018 already has a factory rear-view camera and parking sensors, they seamlessly integrate with the multimedia system.

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    Functionality and Convenience

    What should be displayed on your system’s main screen – navigation, the player, or your favorite app? No need to choose. The main screen of the T6009-2190 multimedia system is divided into four blocks. Customize them to suit your needs and preferences. There’s no longer a need to minimize navigation to switch radio stations or check messages.

    Yes, now even messages can be read directly on the screen. The necessary permissions for this are enabled in the Bluetooth settings. The factory buttons on the LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018‘s steering wheel retain their functions: you can toggle music, answer calls, and adjust volume. Voice commands allow you to navigate and change your route with ease. With the T6009-2190 multimedia system, your attention stays focused on the road without distractions.

Power and Reliability

The Gazer T6009-2190 multimedia system boasts 2 Gb of RAM and 32 Gb of built-in storage. Equipped with a massive screen, the latest Android operating system, and an 8-core processor, it functions in your car like another full-fledged gadget.

A fan installed at the rear of the T6009-2190 multimedia system cools the processor and prevents overheating, even in conditions of abnormal heat inside the LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018s cabin. This ensures prolonged use of the device in Middle Eastern and African climates. However, it’s just as effective in the hotter climates.

Seamless Compatibility with Your Vehicle

The T6009-2190 multimedia system is the perfect replacement for the original entertainment system in your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018. It replicates the form and plastic quality, seamlessly integrating with all control elements and the interior. Installed with a Plug&Play method, it fits into all the original connectors of your car, requiring no replacement and causing no damage to the wiring.

All factory options of your vehicle are preserved, including the connection to original cameras, parking sensors, steering wheel buttons, and the native FM antenna. The system displays real-time status and vehicle settings. The head unit seamlessly integrates into your LADA Granta Sport 2011-2018, exchanging data over the CAN bus.


Gazer multimedia system™ T6

Travel and Enjoy.

Smartphone Connection
CarPlay No
Android Auto No
Bluetooth Audio Yes
Bluetooth Handsfree Yes
Internet access 4G+ LTE
Bluetooth v 5.0
Wi-Fi 2.4 / 5 GHz
Display size 9″
Display type IPS
Display resolution HD 1280×720
Glass type 2.5D tempered
Anti-glare сoating Yes
Button back light color RGB
Audio features
Channel delay support No
Digital audio crossover No
Subwoofer volume control Yes
Front and rear bass settings Yes
EQ 16 Channels
OEM amplifier support Yes
Steering wheel buttons support Yes
Optical Audio out Yes, 5.1
Coaxial Audio out Yes, 5.1
Camera support 2x CVBS / AHD 1920×1080
OEM camera support Yes
SIM card slot 2x SIM, internal and external slots
USB 2.0 Yes, 3x
External Mic Yes, included
Operation system Android 10
Split View mode Yes
Stand-by / Quick wake up Yes
Voice control No
IPAS support Yes*
PDC support Yes*
TPMS support Yes*
Car climate information Yes*
Car climate control Yes*
Car service information Yes*
Car comfort settings Yes*
CPU 8x Core, A55 1.6 GHz, 28 nm
RAM 2 Gb
Internal memory 32 Gb
Amplifier chip TDA7851
Digital Sound Processor (DSP) AKM AK7604VQ
Radio tuner chip TDA7708
Cooling fan No
* – depens on car model