Gazer multiclimate system S5 PRO for Kia Sportage 2014-2016

Control the temperature inside your car remotely using your smartphone. Surprised that this is possible? Imagine how surprised your friends will be when they see it with their own eyes!

You no longer have to suffer from heat and wait for your car to cool down to a comfortable temperature before getting in. Now, even at +45 outside, your car is cool and comfortable inside. Thanks to the multiclimate system, you can set the perfect temperature in your car remotely, whether you’re at home, at a meeting, or shopping. You press the button in the Gazer METASMART CAR app and the car starts the air conditioner.

Your car is always cool inside and ready for your trip.


  • S5-PR
    The Power Relay is needed to start the engine of certain car models. When it must turn the engine on manually, rather than through a CAN interface.

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  • S5-AT
    An autorisation tag is needed to shut down cooling automatically when the owner arrives at the car, in order to let the original “key-less” access system work.

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  • S5-XXX OEM kit
    The Plug&Play OEM connection kit for specific car models. Code XXX is the vehicle identification number, for example, S5-Y62 is the kit for the Nissan Patrol (Y62).

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