Gazer multiclimate system S5 PRO

2,159.00 $

Control the temperature inside your car remotely using your smartphone. Surprised that this is possible? Imagine how surprised your friends will be when they see it with their own eyes!

You no longer have to suffer from heat and wait for your car to cool down to a comfortable temperature before getting in. Now, even at +45 outside, your car is cool and comfortable inside. Thanks to the multiclimate system, you can set the perfect temperature in your car remotely, whether you’re at home, at a meeting, or shopping. You press the button in the Gazer METASMART CAR app and the car starts the air conditioner.

Your car is always cool inside and ready for your trip.

multiclimate system™

Passion should always be hot, but your head and car should always remain cool

Under the scorching sun it’s impossible to think, to focus, as your body starts to wear itself out: the hot air is literally burning you from the inside. The mind starts clouding.

All of this is what happens to you in the first five minutes of being in a car that has been lying under the sun. 40°C outside translates to 63°C inside. This temperature is enough to easily brew a cup of green tea. But this is the only upside. Otherwise, it not only means discomfort, but also a severe danger to health.

Due to extreme heat, the materials inside the car start exuding carcinogens, resulting in a tenfold increase, compared to normal levels. For the driver, getting into such a car means suffering from the effects of over-heating, as well as micro-poisoning. The car needs to be ventilated and cooled, only then can you get in and drive. All of this is time consuming, yet we are always so short on time…

and poisoning

This is a unique device, helping you cool your car before you need to use it.

What can be done about it?

Gazer has developed a remote climate control system, allowing you to set the preferred temperature inside the car with the help of your phone.

No more waiting for the car to start air conditioning to cool it down. The temperature inside will be comfortable before your drive even begins.

Engineers at Gazer spent eight years on research and development in the pursuit of an innovation that would start the air conditioning for 750 car models, with the touch of a button on a smartphone app.

This research resulted in the multiclimate remote climate control system.

It ensures that the air in your car is cool and comfortable before the start of your trip. This smart device never asks any unnecessary questions. It can store the schedule of your trips, remember the location of your destinations and their duration. It adapts to suit your needs and cools the car on its own, before you start driving.

Just get in and drive

How does it work?

The multiclimate system remotely starts the air conditioner in your car to ventilate and cool it. To achieve this, several of the system’s electronic components connect to a digital data port, as well as the car’s power system.

How the air conditioning works, depends on the make and model of the car: in some the system activates the dashboard electronics and starts the AC, in others it starts the engine to activate the air conditioning.

For both types, the system operates from the original car key installed in the car, inside a special box. The key is activated only during system launch, otherwise it always remains inactive.

The multiclimate remote climate control system works automatically, to ensure that the temperature inside the car is the same as during the previous trip.

Once this is achieved, the cooling will stop automatically. Should the temperature rise again by 5 degrees before you get to the car, the system will automatically start cooling the air once again. It will continue this way until you arrive at the vehicle. Whenever you need to use the car, the temperature will always be perfect!

It’s waiting for you

It is all in your hands

Managing the conditions inside the car requires a single tool — The Gazer METASMART CAR app. It monitors the temperature inside and outside the car, the temperature over the previous drive, and the levels of carcinogens that could be released if the car was over heated.

To achieve COOL INSIDE, simply move the BeReady slider to the right.

Oops, I completely forgot about it!

We have thought about all possible scenarios, including when you simply forgot to cool the car or set the cooling time.

The system will start on its own as soon as you approach the car. This has been made possible due to a special multiclimate key fob on your car keychain.

The car will not have the time to substantially cool down while you are approaching, but it will be enough to have it ventilated and to reduce carcinogen levels to a minimum. Your friends will be speechless when they see it.

Always cool

Operation mode maintains the temperature inside. Whenever the car warms up to a specific temperature that you have marked, the system will initiate cooling, going back to standby only after the air cools down by a few degrees. This will continue whenever the inside gets too warm. Your car is ready for driving at any time and is always cool inside.

100% safety

The system cannot open or unlock the car. This function is 100% blocked. Gazer multiclimate will never start if the car is open or running, to say nothing about when you are on the road.

If your phone is disconnected for more than an hour, all system modes will deactivate. Our engineers have considered all possible scenarios: everything is under control.

Who is the multiclimate system designed for?

For those who can afford comfort. For those who understand that few things are as important as health. People who care about themselves and their close ones. And while you may not be able turn off the sun, you can turn on the cool in your car, for you and the most important people in your life! So the best thing you can do, is get the multiclimate system for your car!