Gazer E7 ultra

199.00 $

FullHD recorder with a 170° viewing angle. Gazer E7 ultra is equipped with Wi-Fi and supports the Gazer Cloud app. It works with the new H.265 codec, allowing it to record twice as much information onto memory cards up to 256 Gb in size. It performs security recording and supports operation mode with a built-in battery.

multirec system™


The fate of every driver lies not only in their hands but also in the footage captured by the dashcam. Your peace of mind and expenses during accidents depend on the “testimony” of this silent witness. Will the insurance recognize the incident? Will they provide compensation? Will you be wrongfully blamed for the actions of others?

Gazer E7 ultra ensures that no event on the road goes unnoticed. It accurately captures all participants of road situations, day or night. With it, you will always be able to prove your innocence and receive assistance. Enjoy peace of mind behind the wheel, thanks to the additional protection provided by Gazer E7 ultra.

7 reasons why E7 ultra provides confidence on the road and in parking

High-quality and detailed video recording.

Clear recording in any lighting conditions, day or night.

Blind-spot technology that captures every moment on the road.

Doubled continuous recording time in high quality.

Capture of important moments in a single second.

Parking mode for added peace of mind.

Easy control via your phone.

Don’t miss any details of the situation

Sometimes the most important moments in a video are not visible due to shadows or overexposed areas. The recording and all the evidence of the event are there, but they cannot be discerned. That’s why we have added special WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) technology to the E7 ultra. With this technology, all the details of the situation will be captured, both in dimly lit areas and brightly illuminated ones. Whether it’s a section of the road without streetlights, a tunnel, headlight glare, or shooting against the sun, Gazer E7 ultra will record high-definition and detailed videos without any hindrance.

Feel protected from all sides

How can you prove the truth if your dashcam “didn’t see it”? Relying on another driver’s wider field of view is not ideal. With E7 ultra, you don’t have to depend on anyone else – you can trust its 170° viewing angle. Thanks to this wide angle, the device captures events in front of the vehicle and from all sides. Plus, the Full HD recording ensures high-quality video in any lighting conditions.
In case of anything, you’ll have all the evidence for your insurance company, the police, and your own peace of mind. E7 ultra is designed to provide you with protection and tranquility.

Save your time with just one button

After spending 5 hours reviewing the footage from your dashcam, you still haven’t reached the desired moment. Or you accidentally skipped it and now have to start all over again. To save your time, we have added a wireless button to the E7 ultra for instant photos. If you want to capture a pleasant or suspicious moment during your journey, simply press the button. With it, you won’t miss any events and won’t be distracted by your phone. Where to place it? Just stick it wherever is convenient for you. With E7 ultra, everything is simple and comfortable.

Enjoy peace of mind while your car is parked

“What if something happens…” This nagging thought never leaves your mind when you leave your car in a new parking lot or a shopping center. You never know who will park next to you and how they will do it. And there’s no access to cameras around. And that’s okay. Because Gazer E7 ultra automatically activates the security recording if its G-sensor detects a bump or impact on the car. For this purpose, the device has an internal power source. With its help, E7 ultra can make recordings without the engine running if it receives a signal from the sensor. The videos are easy to find as they are stored in a separate folder.

Don’t worry about important recordings

It can be nerve-wracking to lose crucial videos due to automatic file deletion. E7 ultra eliminates this fear. It automatically saves all “incident” clips in a separate folder. You can also manually protect other important recordings from deletion. With support for up to 256 GB memory card, you can continuously capture your long journeys without missing a single moment.

Easily set up, mount, and enjoy your journeys

What gadget do we hold almost constantly? Yes, our phone. That’s why we have developed the free Gazer Dashcam app for managing E7 ultra through your phone. It conveniently connects via Wi-Fi and is easy to set up. As a result, you will always have quick access to all the recordings from your dashcam. You can also easily adjust its settings as needed. Mount the E7 ultra in a convenient spot in your car and enjoy your rides. Gazer prioritizes your comfort above all else.

Gazer E7 ultra

Number of cameras 1+1
Video resolution Full HD + Full HD
Camera angle 170°
WiFi +
Wireless remote button +
G-sensor +
Cloud storage
Parking recording mode +
Mount type 360° rotation
Memory card support 256 Gb