Unique remote control
Remote control gamepad for use in the Metaverse and games
Metaverse demo
Have you ever lost your remote? It's not a problem anymore - just press the button on the TV and the remote will be found.
If you want to play games on your TV or take a stroll through the Metaverse, you don't need to buy a separate gamepad. Just rotate the remote control 90 degrees and it becomes a joystick. Your children's eyesight is safe, as playing on a big TV screen is much safer than playing on a phone.

Quickly switch between popular video services like Netflix, YouTube, or Prime Video with the press of a button.
Okay, remote, find me a movie...
If the remote can find itself in the apartment, it can easily handle other tasks as well, such as finding a movie for you. Let's face it, sometimes manually typing in a long movie title can be inconvenient. That's why the multicontrol remote™ has a voice search feature. Just say what you want to watch and the remote will find it for you.