Gazer METASMART TV TV24-HN1 live edition

The Android TV operating system allows you to use all online cinemas and more than 10,000 TV programs from the Google Play Market catalog. Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon Prime - already installed on your TV.

The world's first TV with access to the Metaverse, featuring popular paintings by contemporary artists and global NFTs. With METASMART TV™, it's easy to stay on-trend for years to come.
Next generation smart TV
No matter where you are in the room, METASMART TV™ displays an equally great picture thanks to the multiverse screen™ technology, which keeps colors saturated and natural from any viewing angle.
Perfect picture from any perspective
No glare, reflection or color shifting. multiverse screen™ is a unique combination of IPS screen technology, TrueRGB sub-pixel arrangement technology, and standard calibration, ensuring the best image quality, original content resolution, and consistently high quality for many years, even in constant use in multiart mode.
The remote will answer when you need to find it. Thanks to the self-search mode, the multicontrol remote™ will never get lost. Simply press the button on the mobile app, and the Bluetooth remote will emit a sound signal.
I'm here!
With the METASMART TV™, you can enjoy Hi-Fi level sound. In simple words, you can play any popular formats and adjust the perfect sound for yourself with the 9-band equalizer. Now, to imagine yourself at a concert of your favorite band or at a movie premiere in a theater and feel the full range of emotions, simply turn on the TV and make it louder.

Supported codecs include: Dolby, AC3, AC4, EAC3, FLAC, AAC.
Can I have it louder?
The TV has all existing tuners integrated - terrestrial, digital, and satellite. You don't need to connect additional set-top boxes, remotes, other equipment, or update access keys. Just turn on the TV and choose any channels - all world content is available to you.
Stay informed.
Connect any device via Bluetooth 5.0: wireless headphones, gamepads, keyboards, mice... METASMART TV™ has dual-band Wi-Fi, so you can receive and transmit content simultaneously through two channels of the same network.

Watch movies online in the best quality without buffering and delays. Connect headphones if you watch TV late at night. There are special ports for this, as well as additional HDMI and USB outputs.
Connect with ease
METASMART TV™ is a TV with the most powerful 4-core A55 64-bit processor, so the interface and programs will respond to all commands even faster.

With 1/2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of flash memory, METASMART TV™ can handle any tasks and ensure that there is always enough space for all your programs, movies, family photo and video archives.
Maximum Power
To control the TV from your phone, simply download the Gazer METASMART TV app, which is compatible with both iOS and Android. Use it as you like: in gyro mode, where your smartphone becomes an air mouse, as a touchpad, for voice search, as a trackpad to scroll pages in browsers, and more.
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