a TV that always have what to watch

Now, all the films and series from around the world are in one catalogue, so you don't have to drown in a sea of apps and websites.
METASMART TV N1 live edition
The movie you want to watch is not to be found.
Or not included in your subscription package.
Or unavailable in your preferred language.
Open a bunch of apps.
You start looking for a film using social networks, wasting time going through hundreds of comments and reviews.
And if you still don't know which movie to choose?
Most of you probably choose to watch a dream rather than a movie.
After 30 minutes of this
How do you find a movie for the evening?
And how do you want your TV to work?
Maybe like a search for a hotel or plane tickets?
If a movie exists,
you'll find it quickly
and easily.
Discover which platform has this film available for streaming in your preferred language.
Search for films using every possible parameter and combination: genre, actors, directors, country, viewer age, release year, awards, and film studios.

And sort as you need: by year, rating, title, popularity, and even budget and box office earnings.
Already on your TV. From studios, online platforms, critics, influencers, and even bloggers from your country.

Thousands of expert’s lists, which you can switch between with the click of a button.
Allow ChatGPT to find films based on any query you make on your TV.

Whether you're in the mood for a dog-themed film, a story of a child's journey to adulthood, thrilling races, or heartwarming comedies appropriate for the entire family — generate countless, customised choices using AI.
Every film and series on your TV's home screen
Film in the Preferred Language
You will immediately see the availability of a film or series on every platform, even if they are not yet installed on your TV.
Instant Access
With a Unique Filter
Every Popular Library
Can't Decide on a Film Yet?
Your country's most popular and premium TV channels are already available on the METASMART TV N1 Live Edition.

No subscriptions, no payment information required, no complicated setup.

Enjoy watching as soon as you turn on the TV.
TV Channels Right on Your Home Screen
Gazer METASMART TV N1 Live Edition is a television with access to nearly every NFT or contemporary art piece.

Using the Multiart app, explore massive collections of digital art and become inspired by the world’s greatest pieces of modern art.

Transform your living space into a contemporary art gallery: display NFTs and paintings from renowned artists or even your own artwork on your living room TV screen.
NFT Art Gallery in Your Home
Gazer METASMART TV N1 Live Edition — the world's first television with access to the Metaverse.

Entering and immersing yourself in the virtual world is now easy and convenient.

To enter the Metaverse, simply turn on the TV and launch the unique multiverse app.

Interact with other avatars, visit NFT exhibitions, and explore countless online worlds using this extraordinary TV.
Discover the Metaverse
Incredible resolution and contrast. Even with extended TV viewing or using NFT art as a screensaver, the N1 Live Edition screen will look the same in ten years as it did the first day.

Perfect picture from any part of the room: The METASMART TV screen displays the exact same image from any angle in the room.

Life-like and crystal-clear image. The sky looks authentically blue, and digital art pieces appear exactly as the artist intended.

The anti-glare coating protects from reflections, resulting in zero distractions when using it.
Reliable Multiverse Screen
Say goodbye to the remotes of the '90s with countless buttons. Embrace minimalism and ease of use. multicontrol remote T4 boasts an ergonomic design with only the essential buttons.

And it's incredibly stylish, looking like it comes straight from the Metaverse.

Voice search for films. Gyro mouse mode. Quick access buttons to Netflix and YouTube. Instead of batteries, enjoy convenient Type-C charging which lasts up to six months.
multicontrol remote T4
Rotate the remote 90 degrees and it becomes a gamepad, allowing you to play your favorite games or live in the Metaverse with ease.
Bezel-less screen. Now, nothing prevents your complete immersion into virtual worlds and enjoyment of digital art.

Powerful sound and popular format support. Just turn up the volume, and it’s like you’re at your favourite bands live concert or attending a film premiere in Cannes.

Android TV operating system. Stability, access to a vast selection of apps, and continuous updates.

Most popular apps. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Disney, as well as the Gazer Multimovie, Multiart, and Multiverse apps, are already installed on your TV.
Last, but not least
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