Spend 30 minutes searching for movie and then go to sleep
What unites
all owners
of smart TVs?
Sound familiar?
Gazer E2 art edition
What unites all owners
of smart TVs?
Spend 30 minutes searching for movie and then go to sleep
Sound familiar?
Gazer E2 art edition
Always have what to watch
What to watch tonight?
If you know the title of the movie
How many apps do you need to install and open to find it?
What if you don't know what to watch?
In which app can you find a good movie, and most importantly, how?
How does the search typically happen?
enter the title and check
search for the movie title on the smartphone
Is the movie available, does it come with the subscription?
open each app
Collections, opinion leaders, social networks
Installed on the TV
How does the search usually end?
Movie not found
Foreign language
The movie costs $10
The movie is available in the desired language, but it's not included in the subscription
Maybe it's included in another app? We can't buy every movie now, can we?
The movie is not in the installed applications
But the movie exists - who has it then?
The movie exists, but without translation into the desired language
Even if you understand the spoken language, the emotions from watching will be completely different.
How would you like the TV to work?
like Kiwi
for searching flights
like Booking
for searching hotels
like Amazon
for searching products
Gazer for searching movies
Easily and quickly select from all existing content in the world
This is a real marketplace on the TV. Not only apps, but also TV channels, movies, and series are gathered in a single multi-catalog on the main screen
If the movie exists, you'll find it
Search through ChatGPT - it will find what you wanted, even if you're not exactly sure what you wanted
Artificial intelligence will find a movie similar to the one you specified. Or suggest movies based on your mood, any theme, plot, with the right actors, and any other request
Forming collections endlessly
Where can you watch the found movie?
Where the movie is broadcasted for free, where it's included in the subscription, where and at what price it's available for rent or purchase
Immediately proceed to watching
Unique filter for searching movies and series
By all possible parameters and their combinations. By keywords, genre, release years, ratings, actors, directors, studios, and film awards
Find exactly what you wanted
All popular movie collections
From studios, online cinemas, movie websites, critics, movie opinion leaders, from well-known personalities, and even local bloggers
Switch between collections in one click
All available TV channels in your country
From all online cinemas, across all genres, from all subscriptions - gathered on the screen. Choose the channels that interest you and the best conditions for viewing
Scroll through channels with pleasure
multiart screen
Built on a QLED IPS panel of A+ class
Higher brightness and contrast compared to ordinary TV panels
Doesn't change when viewed from any angle
Maintains quality for at least 10 years
TrueRGB subpixel layout
Without using a white subpixel
Guarantees full resolution
Unique color transmission calibration
Like in the world's best laptops
Accurately and naturally reproduces all colors
multicontrol remote
Beautiful and modern
you can play games like on a gamepad
with voice search and text input
and control it like a gyroscope
no need for batteries - charges via Type-C
Bezel-less screen. Now nothing prevents you from fully immersing yourself in virtual worlds and enjoying digital art.

Powerful sound and support for popular formats. Just turn up the volume - and you're at a concert of your favorite band or at the premiere of a movie in the cinema.

Android TV operating system. Stability, access to a huge number of apps, and regular updates.

The most popular apps. Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, as well as our own apps Gazer multimovie, multiart, multiverse are already installed on your TV.
The last one, but not in meaning
Gazer E2 art edition
Always have what to watch