Gazer M70-CIC BMW 7 Series


Compatible with screen sizes from 6.5”, 8.8”, 10.25”. The menu is in the form of a list, the selected menu item is circled in red.


Gazer M70-CIC for 7 Series (F01, F02), 2009-2012

The multimedia interface will complement your car with features and functions that were not originally envisaged. Connects to the original car stereo in the cabin.


Connecting a rearview camera, phones (wireless CarPlay, Android Auto), and any video sources via HDMI is possible. It implemented PDC and iPas functions.


In simple words, like for friends: listen to your favorite music, download maps, and answer messages with your voice without being distracted from the road. 


Enjoy comfortable and safe driving with M7!


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7 Series (F01, F02), 2009-2012

Original system

iDrive CIC