Gazer PA45F

Featuring professional 58 kHz sensors and trigonometric distance calculation, Gazer PA45F parking system provides highly reliable and accurate measurements. Gazer PA45F can operate in combination with a rear-view system or be connected to the optional PAD20 display.

Gazer PA45F sensors are designed for fixed installation by mounting on the inner bumper side.

Key advantages
  • Professional 58kHz sensors and an innovative distance calculation technology based on trigonometric equations
  • 2-in-1 solution combining rear and front parking systems into a single unit connected to a shared display or speaker
  • Self-diagnostics on start-up
  • Connection to optional PAD20 display
  • Internal sensors to align with the bumper
  • Reliable connection wiring design and IP67-rated advanced dust and water protection

Featuring professional 58 kHz sensors and trigonometric distance calculation, Gazer PA45F parking system provides highly reliable and accurate measurements at any temperature. Gazer PA45R parking assistant can operate in combination with Gazer PA40R/PA45R rear-view system into a single unit or be connected to an optional display.

Professional sensors and trigonometric distance calculation

Gazer PA45F parking system uses professional ultrasonic sensors with 58kHz operating frequency, which not only increases the accuracy and reliability of measurements but also allows installing sensors below the standard level (40 cm). The sensors have a maximum horizontal detection angle, which means that there can be no blind spots between them. PA45F sensors are specifically designed for use in any weather conditions. Their sensitivity and accuracy are not affected by ambient temperature – be it severe winter frost or scorching summer heat. The sensors are also completely dust- and waterproof in compliance with IP67 rating..

To determine the distance to an object, Gazer PA45F parking system leverages a detection algorithm based on trigonometric equations. To estimate the distance to an obstacle, data are collected from two sensors simultaneously. This way you get accurate information about the distance to an obstacle, whereas other parking systems provide distance measurement from only one individual sensor. Thanks to this feature, one can install the parking system sensors at different intervals and heights while taking into account the car bumper geometry.

Combined rear and front parking systems

Gazer PA45F (front) parking system is a rear bumper mounted parking assistant with a separate control unit and four parking sensors. In addition, one can also install Gazer PA40/45R (rear) – a rear bumper mounted parking system with a separate control unit and four parking sensors. The PA40/45R switching system is specifically designed to eliminate the need for excessive wiring and avoid crosstalk or interference during signal transmission from the sensors to the control unit. Furthermore, front and rear Gazer parking systems can be easily combined into a single unit using the optional PAC10 cable.

When combined, both parking systems share one speaker or one Gazer PAD20 display. When the reverse gear is selected, the front parking system remains active and warns the driver whenever the car gets close to obstacles. Audio signals emitted by the front and rear systems have different frequency so that the driver could easily tell them from one another and promptly react to the situation. When a combined system is connected to a Gazer mirror, only the rear system indicators are displayed while the shared speaker produces sound alerts from both systems simultaneously.

Self-diagnostics and alerting algorithms

Gazer PA45F parking assistant runs diagnostics on all sensors during each system start-up. If any of the sensors is damaged or faulty, the system will notify the driver about it.

To ensure convenient parking and backing, Gazer PA45F parking system is connected to the CAN bus of the car. Thus, system alerts are automatically disabled at a speed over 15 kph. When one slows down to less than 15 kph, Gazer PA45F automatically turns on, thus ensuring audio and visual signal informing about the obstacles. PA45F parking system notifies of an obstacle at a distance of 0.9 meters when the car is approaching the obstacle. If the car does not move, the notification is turned off after 1.5 seconds. If PA45F is connected to a display, the distance of obstacle visualization increases to 2.5 meters.

Connection to display

Gazer PA45F standard delivery package includes a speaker that warns the driver about incoming obstacles and their proximity. The speaker volume can be adjusted or turned off completely, if necessary. For visual obstacle and distance detection, one can connect optional Gazer PAD20 LCD instead of the standard speaker. The LCD can operate with just one system (only rear or only front) or with both systems simultaneously. It shows a graphical map of obstacles, distance to each of them, and produces sound alerts.

Internal sensors for alignment with the bumper

Gazer PA45F parking system sensors have a unique modular design and are designed for installation on the inside of the bumper. The mounting bracket of the sensor is placed on the back side of the bumper and then the sensor is installed into it. This way the visible part of the sensor is on the same level as with the bumper surface, exactly like the original parking assistant installed by the car maker. For the system to operate normally, one must ensure that each sensor is installed perpendicular to the ground or that their inclination angle is under 6 degrees.

Package contents and quality assurance

Gazer PA45F installation kit is designed for professional installation and includes a central control unit, 4 sensors, a speaker, three sets of replaceable adapters, a wiring kit, a special milling cutter, a ruler for bumper marking, and an installation and setup manual.

All system components and accessories are manufactured by Gazer in strict compliance with car makers’ best standards and meet the highest quality and safety requirements. Thus, all wires connecting sensors to the central control unit are placed in corrugated sheaths with extra shielding. Furthermore, the sensors have top-tier IP67 protection rating, a wide operating temperature range and come with special waterproof connectors. The delivery package also contains an extension cord for optional display connection. Gazer PA45F installation kit also includes a milling cutter with a built-in spring to ensure precise and neat drilling.

Power supply voltage

9V-16V DC

Maximum power consumption

max 400 mA

Speaker volume

max 95dB

Volume adjustment

Yes (Low/High/OFF)

Number of sensors

4 pcs

Sensor diameter

16,5 mm

Sensor operating frequency

58 kHz

Adjustable installation angle


Minimal installation height

30 cm

Variable sensor installation height


Minimal detection range

30 cm and farther

Maximum detection range

2,5 m

Measurement accuracy

1 cm

Response time

0,1 sec

System tuning


Automatic learning bumpertow hitch


Self diagnostics


Obstacle detection

Triangulation principle

Storage temperature

-40 С – +90 С

Operating temperature

-30 С – +70 С

Sensor protection rating


Central control unit protection rating