Gazer M70-NTG45 Mercedes-Benz B

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The monitor is recessed into the dashboard. Compatible with 5.8″, 6.5″, 7.0″, 8.0″.

Gazer M70-NTG45 for B‐class (W246), 2012-2014

The multimedia interface will complement your car with features and functions that were not originally envisaged. Connects to the original car stereo in the cabin.

Connecting a rearview camera, phones (wireless CarPlay, Android Auto), and any video sources via HDMI is possible. It implemented PDC and iPas functions.

In simple words, like for friends: listen to your favorite music, download maps, and answer messages with your voice without being distracted from the road.

Enjoy comfortable and safe driving with M7!

Original system

NTG 4.5

Wireless/Wired CarPlay Yes
Wireless/Wired Android Auto Yes
Cameras Support Yes
Wi-Fi Yes
HDMI in Yes
OEM buttons support Yes