Now it's all available in the Metaverse.

Soon, one in every four people on earth will be registered in the Metaverse. This means that your friends may be there before you.
is one of the most popular words in the world. It has been holding its position for two years and its popularity is only growing.
The Metaverse is the future that has already begun. Right now, there are concerts, exhibitions, and events taking place there. People meet, socialize, work, and travel.
The future that has already begun
With its help you will be able to have a taste of all the possibilities that the virtual world, which is already a part of our life, has to offer.

Virtual realm now available within arm’s reach on METASMART TV™ screen, making possible new ways to communicate, travel, shop, play videogames, and do business. Have you ever walked the streets of New York wearing your home slippers? And what about meeting your friends at a bar without leaving home? Have you ever been to your favorite band’s concert in the virtual world…? If not, then your journey into the Metaverse will begin with the purchase of METASMART TV™.

Picture this: in a single instant your TV transforms into an ART gallery that has famous NFTs and contemporary art collections available on display. METASMART TV™, undoubtedly, will amaze you immediately, but it will also become an attraction for all your friends and close ones. And to no surprise, of course: you will have world’s most popular things accessible right on the TV screen and bringing your room’s design to a new level.
METASMART TV™: your guide
to the future that has already arrived
Making complex things simple by creating next-generation electronics is the essence of the Gazer brand. This is how the Metaverse, which is already living a full life, becomes accessible to everyone with METASMART TV™.

Launches of new products by global brands, world-class events, concerts - all of this is happening right now in the Metaverse, the doors of which are opened by METASMART TV™.
Is Metaverse difficult?
The world’s first TV with access to the Metaverse
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