699.00 $


NFTs that sell for millions of dollars are now on your TV along with hundreds of paintings by contemporary artists. Enjoy world art between walks, meetings, and concerts in the Metaverse, access to which opens METASMART TV – the first TV in history with access to the virtual world.

Get unforgettable emotions from watching. The multiverse screen™ is capable of transmitting equally rich, bright, and realistic images from any viewing angle. In this case, the image will remain saturated for many years, even if the TV is always on.

The remote with “multicontrol remote™ technology” easily turns into a gamepad and has a self-search function. Forget the question: “Where is the remote?”, just press the button on the TV and the remote will beep.

10,000 apps are available for you on Android TV. Download from Google Play.


METASMART TV™: your guide
to the future that has already arrived

With its help you will be able to have a taste of all the possibilities that the virtual world, which is already a part of our life, has to offer.

Virtual realm now available within arm’s reach on METASMART TV™ screen, making possible new ways to communicate, travel, shop, play videogames, and do business. Have you ever walked the streets of New York wearing your home slippers? And what about meeting your friends at a bar without leaving home? Have you ever been to your favorite band’s concert in the virtual world…? If not, then your journey into the Metaverse will begin with the purchase of METASMART TV™.

Picture this: in a single instant your TV transforms into an ART gallery that has famous NFTs and contemporary art collections available on display. METASMART TV™, undoubtedly, will amaze you immediately, but it will also become an attraction for all your friends and close ones. And to no surprise, of course: you will have world’s most popular things accessible right on the TV screen and bringing your room’s design to a new level.


How complex is the Metaverse?

Introducing simplicity to complex things through the development of new generation electronics: this is Gazer in a nutshell. This is exactly how the Metaverse with its already flourishing world becomes available to anyone owning METASMART TV™.

The Metaverse now is the place where world famous brands present their new products, where globally distinguished events and concerts take place. And METASMART TV™ is the door to this fascinating realm.

NFT? It’s that hundred-million-dollar monkey,

Yes, you can have this one on your TV screen, too, as well as thousands of other NFT collections. All of them will be freely available in Gazer MultiArt™ app. People spend millions on these pictures. Over 5-year period, more than 50 million NFTs have been sold around the world. The most expensive piece was worth $91.8 million dollars, yet the starting price for images is around $100 USD.



Pictures by contemporary artists now available in your room

Gazer goal is to make contemporary art available to everyone, and METASMART TV™ is how we see it achieved.

ART gallery right at your home. It’s time to get together with friends again and dive into the world of modern art. And it’s all very easy: best pictures available in Gazer MultiArt™ and waiting to enhance the look of your room.


What do you think about this?

From now on the perfect spot to watch the TV is where YOU are instead where IT is. Gazer’s devices are designed with users’ needs in mind. For this reason, METASMART TV™ picture looks equally brilliant from any place in the room. This has been made possible with the help of multiverse screen™ technology, which ensures that colors remain rich and natural regardless of viewing angle. No odd glares or reflections, no color distortion. Only you and the world on the other side of METASMART TV™ screen.



multiverse screen™ is a unique combination of IPS panel and TrueRGB subpixel arrangement technologies along with trademark screen calibration. All of that translates into the best image, original resolution of the footage and high-quality picture for many years, even after extensive use of MultiArt mode.

Frameless design

When engineering our TV, we made sure to remove all limitations, both in its design and in the possibilities it can offer. Content from any place in the world is now available at your home. METASMART TV™ will be your guide into the world of the Metaverse, NFT and ART.


Where’s that remote again?

Every family in the world must have surely asked this question. Gazer was the only one to find a solution for it. Locating the remote, which we call multicontrol remote™, is now super easy and requires a single push of a button on the TV and the Bluetooth connected device will emit a sound signal.

With multicontrol remote™ in your hands you have everything you need to navigate the virtual world. Turn it 90 degrees to the side and you are holding a gamepad now. Kids will definitely have their eyes lit being able to play games directly on the TV, and parents won’t have to worry about their sight.

Netflix, YouTube or Prime Video, all available within a single push of a button. And no more troubles with long movie titles… METASMART TV™ remote has voice control included. Just say the movie’s name, and the remote will understand and find it.



One-two-three, checking the sound

METASMART TV™ comes with hi-fi sound. What this means is that you can enjoy the best music formats and adjust the sound to perfection with the help of 9-band equalizer. This will make you feel as if you are right there at your favorite rock band concert or at a movie opening night in a cinema.

Available codec support: Dolby, AC3, AC4, EAC3, FLAC, AAC.


From Twitter to Minecraft


With the latest version of Android TV OS integrated into the TV you have doors opened to the most popular app store, Google Play. Thousands of games, social networks, media players, educational and fitness apps available for free. Add interest-based content and applications selection and you are sure to never get bored.



Stay tuned

All channels in the world now available in METASMART TV™. No more extra set-top boxes, remotes or constant access key updates. The TV has all tuners conceivable included, whether broadcast, digital or satellite. In other words, you won’t need to do any connecting yourself, just turn on the TV and choose any channel you want to watch!



Wireless headphones, gamepad, keyboard, mouse… the new updated Bluetooth 5.0 makes it possible to connect any Bluetooth devices. With dual-band Wi-Fi receiving and transmitting content on two channels of the same network at once, movies can now be streamed in top quality without the slightest freezing.

And then you also have jacks and connectors for any headphones, whether HDMI or USB.



And what about performance?

METASMART TV™ is supplied with the most powerful quad-core A55 64-bit processor. What this means? The interface and applications will work incredibly faster.

And with 1/2 GB RAM and 8 GB Flash memory you will have everything needed to store all the essential applications, plus a collection of romance movies and family video recordings. The TV will tackle any task you put before it, whether it’s surfing the Metaverse or binge-watching new series.

Hold me

Gazer TV app will transform your smartphone into a remote in an instant. It works perfectly both on iOS and Android. You choose how to use it: as an air mouse, when your phone becomes an air controller, or as a touchpad; use voice search, make it a trackpad for scrolling in browsers, and so many other things.


Check this out

No limits when it comes to music, movies, music videos, or games. We made sure that you only hit Play and it does what’s needed immediately.



Gazer is the only right choice, and here is why…

Engineers have gifted METASMART TV™ with the best features possible. And they gave it to a person for joy, benefit, and the discovery of new opportunities. Metavers, NFT, and ART will forever change you in the world of modern technologies. And multi-technologies: multicontrol remote and multiverse screen will help you enjoy METASMART TV™.



Unique functions
Exit to the Metaverse Yes
Access to NFT platforms Yes
Contemporary Art Gallery Yes
MultiArt Mode (NFT or ART in screensaver mode) Yes
Remote search by pressing a button on the TV Yes
Resolution UHD 4K 3840×2160
Backlight type DLED
Technology MultiVerse Screen (IPS, TrueRGB) Yes
Operation system Android TV
Chromecast Yes
Ability to install third party apps Yes
Playing 4K content Yes, to 150 mbit/s (H.265 HEVC)
60 fps video playback Yes
Video codecs VP8, VP9, H.264, H.265 HEVC, AV1
Audio codecs Dolby, AC3, AC4, EAC3, FLAC, AAC
Support for external drives Yes
Software update using OTA technology Yes
CPU 4 Core Cortex A55 1.5 GHz
GPU Mali G52 MC1 550MHz
RAM 2 Gb
ROM 8 Gb
Wireless technologies
Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz (802.11a/b/g/n/ac)
Bluetooth v5.1
Connection options
Built-in tuners DVB-T2/DVB-S2/DVB-C
Antenna inputs 1 x S2, 1 x T2/C
HDMI 3 x HDMI 2.0
AV 1 x AV
LAN 1 x RJ45
Optical audio output 1 x Toslink
Expansion slot CI+
Sony PS5 and XBox One Compatible Yes
Other features and specifications
Standby mode Yes
Auto-OFF Timer Yes
Model year 2023