multiclimate system™
to start the car's air conditioner and cool it to the desired temperature
Just press the BeReady button
and the time you plan to leave, so that the car is cooled by then
Set the time of your next trip
How long will you be gone, so that the car cools down by the time you return
Set a timer before your next trip
Download and try
Demo mode
so that the car cools down upon arrival, or after a certain time spent at that location
Set a scenario for frequently visited places
so that the car is cooled before each scheduled trip
Set a travel schedule for the week
plug-in set connects to car connectors without wire damage
key deactivated, machine closed, no Open command exists
3 years
product warranty
The system use it for engine start during cooling. It is absolute safe and secure. System cannot open the car, and this key will be deactivated all the time except cooling start moments.
Need to provide second key from your car.
Can be SIM duplicate from your existing package, or new one. Monthly consumption around 150-200 mb.
Need to provide SIM car with Internet access.
What you need to install
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