multiclimate system™
Technical Information
Main screen
  • Your car nickname and model name
  • Estimate cooling time to reach target temp
  • Your car photo
  • Outside temp in your city
  • Inside temp in your car now
  • Target temp you set in settings of the app
  • Estimated Carcinogen level
  • Time/Timer fast activation to schedule next cooling
  • Manual cooling activation slider BeReady
At the main screen
of the app you will always see:
  • Advanced cooling time start
  • How long time cooling will continue after target temp reached
  • What temp you want to reach with every cooling
  • To reach last trip temp with every next cooling
  • Stop cooling if got inside vs outside tem difference
  • Restart cooling if temp after cooling become more than
  • Cool the car every time when internal temp reached this temp, and cool down to this temp
Varity of fine tune setting options:
  • Check your car status* (car locked, doors closed, fuel level)
  • Find your car location on the map
  • Activate parking lights to easily find your car
  • Set different modes for preselected saved locations like…
  • …you can set a timer for one hour every time you come to the gym.
  • …or you also can block cooling function activation at some locations, like a service center.

The Gazer company has no information about your car location and cannot track it.
Map and tracking
You can easily share your car's Gazer multiclimate system with family and friends.

By having them install the METASMAR CAR app and granting them access through the app for a limited or unlimited time. They can decline access any time. Don’t see your saved Location, Schedule, Settings, Log.

You can remove access any time. You can see Locations and Log.

Alternatively, the system can be activated by a key fob.
Car sharing
Plug & Play installation
The Plug-in set connects to car connectors without wire damage

Only authorized installation centers can install it

Then, the system is configured to car specs with Gazer software

Finally, each system is activated online at Gazer's main technical office
Need to provide second key from your car.
The system use it for engine start during cooling. It is absolute safe and secure. System cannot open the car, and this key will be deactivated all the time except cooling start moments.
Need to provide SIM car with Internet access.
Can be SIM duplicate from your existing package, or new one. Monthly consumption around 150-200 mb.
What you need to install
Once system is activated, car remains closed and protected
System will not be activated if the car is open or running
Important safety features
If your phone is not connected 
for more than 1 hour, all system’s modes will be deactivated
Device installation requires no modification to a car, therefore your car warranty won’t be violated.
multiclimate system
Your car is always