Control your AC remotely from a phone
multiclimate system™
get a
but your head and car should always remain cool
Passion should always be hot
Temperature shock during every ride
When it’s +40ºC outside
It’s +63°C in your car
Micro-poisoning occurs every time you get into the car
Carcinogen exceeds the norm by 10 fold
multiclimate system
Your car is always
cool inside
Starts the cooling remotely
so that the car is comfortable before each trip
Temperature inside is turning to your preferable point, your car be cooled down before next trip
The engine starts for the air conditioning.
But the car is still totally closed and protected.
Press BeReady on an app and your car starts the A/C
Just press the BeReady button
to start the car's air conditioner and cool it to the desired temperature
How long will you be gone, so that the car cools down by the time you return
and the time you plan to leave, so that the car is cooled by then
Set a timer before your next trip
Set the time of your next trip
Set a travel schedule for the week
so that the car is cooled before each scheduled trip
so that the car cools down upon arrival, or after a certain time spent at that location
Set a scenario for frequently visited places
The system will maintain the set temperature in the car for thirty minutes. Оr for as long as you want
Change of plans?
The system activates the air conditioner as you approach the car to ventilate it of carcinogens
If I forgot?
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Your favorite mode.

The system starts cooling every time the passenger compartment reaches the temperature you have specified. Cools down to comfort.

Every day, 24/7, fully automatic
Keep cool all the time
Two wireless
multiclimate system kit
Module for engine
Block for installing
car key
Central block
GPS antenna
How to install the multiclimate system?
Fully protected car warranty.
No damage. No modifications to the car.
Schedule an installation appointment at the Gazer laboratory
or contact your official dealer
Breathing air with a high concentration of benzene can cause drowsiness, dizziness, heart palpitations, headaches, tremors, confusion, unconsciousness, and even death.
Save your health
What could be more precious than your comfort and happiness? The comfort of your loved ones? If we can't turn off the heat, then we can turn on the cool.
Be in total comfort

Gazer multiclimate system

from 3800
Control the temperature inside your car remotely using your smartphone. Surprised that this is possible? Imagine how surprised your friends will be when they see it with their own eyes!

You no longer have to suffer from heat and wait for your car to cool down to a comfortable temperature before getting in. Now, even at +45 outside, your car is cool and comfortable inside. Thanks to the multiclimate system, you can set the perfect temperature in your car remotely, whether you're at home, at a meeting, or shopping. You press the button in the Gazer METASMART CAR app and the car starts the air conditioner.

Your car is always cool inside and ready for your trip.

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The multiclimate system is available for more than 750 car models. And our engineers are continuously working on supporting new car models.
multiclimate system
Your car is always