Gazer MUW5000

Gazer MUR5000/MUR7000 is a unique device combining a rear view mirror with a built-in 4.3” monitor and a Full HD DVR. It has a video output for rear view camera connection and can record video even when the engine is turned off. The mirror is designed for standard installation using an integrated mounting bracket with a universal platform compatible with detachable adapter.

3 in 1 solution

Gazer MUW5000 is a combination of a rear-view mirror with a built-in 4.3” monitor and a Full HD DVR with HDR function. Such versatility enables the device to perform several tasks at once:

– due to superb mirror surface quality and body design, Gazer MUW5000 will become an excellent alternative to a stock rear view mirror with the same set of features and functions.

– 4.3″ 1000 cd/m² built-in monitor and a video output allow using Gazer MUW5000 as a display device in video parking systems. The ultra-bright monitor makes the image crisp and vibrant even under bright sunlight, while the automatic screen brightness adjustment allows using the mirror in any conditions – be it broad daylight or a pitch-dark night.

– latest generation DVR with Full HD recording function and ability to record video feed after the engine is turned off allows for 24-hour video recording in a moving or parked vehicle.

– the lens module is located on the left side of the mirror, which allows installing the device in any car equipped with a rain sensor. With its tiny lens, the DVR is completely invisible from both inside and outside of the car.

Universal mount design

What sets Gazer MUW5000 apart from other mirrors is its special mount design. The mirror’s mounting bracket has a universal flat platform for mounting special MB series detachable adapters. An adapter is needed for mounting an MU mirror in a specific car model. Thus, MU series mirrors with a universal mounting bracket are suitable for standard installation in the majority of popular car models – all one needs to do is select a compatible adapter and attach it to the mirror. This makes the selection and further use of the device much easier.

Complete integration with your car

Gazer MUW5000 DVR mirror stands out among similar devices due to a special mount design. The mirror’s mounting bracket has a universal flat platform for mounting special MB series detachable adapters. Such adapters are designed for installing the mirror in specific car models. One only needs to attach the required MB adapter to Gazer MUW5000 mirror mount. Gazer Gazer MUW5000 DVR mirror is designed for standard connection to the vehicle’s on-board power system. All connection cables will be concealed under the trim. The mirror will automatically turn on and off and switch to the parking recording mode every time the car’s on-board power system signals it to do so.

Built-in Full HD DVR

Gazer MUW5000 DVR mirror sets a new quality standard for in-car video recording: advanced Ambarella A7 processor, 1/3” sensor with HDR function, Full HD recording resolution, state-of-the-art functionality, as well as intelligent driving safety systems – these are just a few advantages of this extraordinary device.

Outstanding image quality

Thanks to cutting-edge software and hardware, Gazer MUW5000 delivers unprecedented image quality at any time of the day. This model is capable of recording Full HD (1980х1020) videos at 30 fps (an optimal frame rate for visual perception). The DVR can also record in 720p resolution at 60 fps. This recording mode allows capturing more details in the frame when the car is moving at a high speed. Gazer MUW5000 uses high-quality glass optics with a 140° wide angle lens that allows capturing the entire road situation, including adjacent lanes and intersections.

HDR mode

Gazer MUW5000 has a special HDR recording mode for recording at dusk and at night and when driving against bright sunlight. When switched to HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode, the DVR records three frames with different exposure levels (overexposed, underexposed and normal) and then merges them into a single image. The main peculiarity of HDR mode is that it runs on the sensor’s hardware, which allows the processor to generate a truly spectacular image in low light and in case of sharp changes in ambient lighting. HDR mode is an ideal solution for video recording at night (with headlights of oncoming traffic illuminating the road), at twilight or when driving against the sun.

Unattended operation

Gazer MUW5000 operates in unattended mode: the device turns on automatically when the engine starts and stops recording when no power is supplied (the engine turns off). The loop recording function allows for continuous video capture: as the memory card space fills up, the DVR finds the earliest recorded video clip and replaces it with a new one. The image from the DVR is automatically projected on the screen whenever video feed is available. It also automatically switches between video channels (when the rear-view video camera is connected).

Recording when the engine is off

Another Gazer MUW5000 distinctive feature is the ability to continue recording after the engine is turned off. One can use the settings menu to set the desired DVR operation time – from 30 minutes to 12 hours. The DVR has a function to control the minimal voltage in the car’s on-board power system. Once the minimal value (11.7V) is reached, the device will shut down. This prevents the car battery from discharging to a critical level after which it will be impossible to start the vehicle.

G-sensor and motion-activated recording

To protect the most important files from overwriting, Gazer MUW5000 uses a three-axis G-sensor. The sensor automatically monitors any sharp changes in the vehicle’s trajectory and protects the currently recorded video file from overwriting. This way in a critical situation all the most important video clips will be saved. To prevent the memory card from running out of space, video clips of accidents are also subject to loop overwriting within a 15-file range.

Gazer MUW5000 has a motion sensor for CCTV recording in a parked car. Thanks to this function, the DVR switches to the recording mode only when it detects motion in the frame. The user can adjust the motion sensor sensitivity (low, medium, high) depending on the car location and recording preferences – with higher sensitivity settings the sensor will activate the recording mode even when the slightest motion is detected.

GPS module support

Gazer MUW5000 mirror supports an optional GPS module that allows tracking the car’s location during recording and monitoring its current traveling speed. In addition, the date and time of recording will be watermarked over the video stream.

“Intelligent” operation

Gazer MUW5000 DVR mirror operates in a way that is both simple and efficient. Video feed from the rear-view camera is always prioritized. When the reverse gear is engaged, the feed from the camera will be automatically displayed on the monitor. The recording, however, will not stop. Once the reverse gear is disengaged, the display will automatically switch to the initial state (showing video feed from the DVR if this mode was enabled or if the monitor turned off).

To ensure ultimate usability, the mirror’s built-in display has a brightness auto-adjust function and there is a central control button on the front panel to manage the last setting memory. When driving in reverse, one can use this button to set the brightness level of the built-in monitor. This button is used to turn the monitor on/off during DVR operation.

Gazer MUW5000 has an auto-dimming function – during night time, the mirror surface dims automatically to reduce the glare of headlights from vehicles driving behind. This protects the driver from blinding through the rear-view mirror, which makes driving a car at night a more comfortable experience. In addition, the mirror surface dimming intensity changes automatically depending on the lighting conditions.

Plug&Play installation

Gazer MUW5000 mirrors are fully compatible with Gazer PA4xxx series parking sensors. There is a special interface in the wiring one can use to connect a parking system. Once the parking system is connected, every time the car shifts into reverse, all information from the parking sensors will be shown on the mirror display.

Gazer MUW5000 DVR mirror is very easy to install and requires minimum effort. The standard scope of delivery includes a switching unit, mounting accessories, GPS antenna, and a complete user manual with a detailed description of the installation procedure. Gazer rear-view mirror is designed for cars with a 12 V on-board power system. Maximum current consumption is under 650mA. The DVR is controlled using an IR remote control that comes in the package.



Gazer MUR5000/MUR7000


No, for Gazer MUR5000 model.
Available for Gazer MUR7000 model.

Video input

Composite CVBS (RCA)

Parking system connection interface

Available for Gazer PA4xxx parking sensors; showing parking information on the mirror display when the reverse gear is engaged.

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Current consumption

‹ 650 mA

Operating temperature

-20° – +65°

Form factor

Stock full-size mirror with an integrated universal mounting bracket to accommodate an MB series detachable adapter.

Dimensions (WхDхH)




480х272 (16:9)

Main specifications

TFT LCD 4,3”; auto power-up when video signal is detected; force shutdown with a dedicated control button (with last setting memory).


1000 cd/m²; brightness adjustment with a dedicated control button (with last setting memory) when the rear view camera feed is displayed on the screen; automatic brightness adjustment based on the ambient light.



Signal format

PAL/NTSC with auto-detect function.


Number of cameras


Camera viewing angle


Maximum video resolution

Full HD 1920×1080, 30 fps

Recommended video resolution

Full HD 1920×1080, 30 fps




F2.0 aperture

Camera rotation

Yes, swivel lens


Ambarella A7

Video parameters

H.264, MP4

HDR function


Sound recording


Microphone muting


Analog Video Output (TV out)


HDMI video output


mini USB interface


Memory card support

SDHC, up to 32GB

Built-in memory


Memory card included

Yes, 16GB Gazer micro SDHC memory card + adapter

Time and date watermarking


License plate number watermarking


Auto activation on power-up

Yes, in the recording mode

Loop video recording


GPS module