Gazer CC207

Based on an ultra-sensitive HD CMOS sensor, Gazer CC207 universal rear-view video camera delivers impressive lowlight performance. The device renders a 170° image and has an ultra-tight IP67-certified body. The model’s distinctive feature is its special body and mount design, which allows securely locking the camera in place without affecting the car body ergonomics. Furthermore, the connection cable is laid within the camera mount and they share the same mounting hole.

Impressive lowlight performance

Gazer CC207 parking video camera is based on the latest generation ultra-sensitive 1/4″ (1280×720) HD CMOS sensor. The sensor’s specifications coupled with advanced settings deliver impressive performance in poor visibility conditions, during twilight hours, and in almost complete darkness. Thus, whereas other video cameras produce “blurry” and uninformative videos suffering from high amount of noise, Gazer CC207 delivers a crisp, high contrast and noise-free image at any time of the day and in any weather conditions. In other words, Gazer CC207 miniature video camera “sees” better at night than a human eye.

Proprietary parking guide lines

Gazer CC207 car video camera features a wide angle 170° lens that ensures maximum visibility behind the vehicle. Due to optical properties of wide-angle lenses, objects in the upper and lower sections of the image usually look curved. The parking guide lines used in Gazer CC207 video camera accurately reproduce the geometric distortions (curvature) of objects in the frame, which makes it easy for the driver to monitor real distances to obstacles. The camera shows a mirrored image – similar to the one you see when looking in the rear-view mirror.

Timer operating modes

By implementing timer operating modes, Gazer CC125 car video camera sets a new trend in car parking systems. Similar functions are only available in standard video systems of premium cars and greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of the video parking system. Operating modes are activated by means of an innovative switching and control system consisting of camera turn off delay and preactivation timers. The user can disable these operating modes or enable them selectively.

It is commonly known that a regular rear-view video camera turns on and off simultaneously with the reverse gear engagement/disengagement. New generation Gazer CC125 video camera can stream video to the monitor even when the reverse gear is disengaged (for 10 seconds). At the core of this function lies a special operation extension timer that allows continuous monitoring the situation behind the car, particularly when the driver makes a U-turn in several moves or when the parking conditions are complicated.

The preactivation timer is supposed to turn the video camera on for 10 seconds each time the car engine starts (АСС mode is engaged). This allows assessing the situation behind the car not only when it shifts to reverse but immediately before it starts moving (each time the engine starts). This function not only makes daily use of the video parking system practical and convenient but also helps you drive safer.

Ultra-tight IP67-certified body

Gazer СС207 rear-view mirror has an ultra-tight IP67-certified water and dust-proof body and a wide operating temperature range of -30°С to +70°С. Such specifications enable the camera to operate continuously in the most severe conditions: extreme temperatures, dirt, dust and frequent high pressure washing.

Universal in-car mounting

Gazer CC207 car camera is designed for deploying a video parking system in any type of vehicle. The model’s distinctive feature is a special body and mount design that allows securely locking the camera in place without affecting the car body ergonomics. Furthermore, the connection cable is laid within the camera mount and they share the same mounting hole. This type of installation ensures the camera’s secure and tight mounting in the car as well as maximum protection of connecting elements from adverse effects of the external environment.

Plug&Play ready

Gazer CC207 supply package contains everything needed for its connection and further use. The camera configuration includes a switching and control unit for quick Plug&Play connection of an external monitor. The switching unit has optimal cable length and all the necessary components and inputs so that the user didn’t have to buy any accessories or make any modifications.

Similar to all Gazer car video cameras, Gazer CC207 switching and control unit allows connecting the camera via the car’s fuse box. Unlike other rear-view cameras powered from the backup lamp, Gazer CC207 video camera uses backup lamps only as a source of control signal that tells the unit’s relay to supply power to the camera and display unit. This type of connection ensures video signal stability and helps avoid errors during power mains integrity check run by the onboard computer. The switching and control unit also has an LC filter that provides the camera and the monitor with the so-called “pure” power completely eliminating any artifacts in the image. A resettable fuse is used as a safety element.


Gazer CC207


HD CMOS 1/4″


500 TVL

Video signal format


Viewing angle


Current consumption


Protection level


Parking guide lines


Image mirroring


Type of lighting



0.1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46dB

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature

-30°- +70°

Compatible with any car