Gazer CC150

Rear view camera with an HD sensor from SONY 1/2.7″ and a resolution of 1280×720. For the first time, image quality meets the standards of professional video surveillance systems. Shows the situation behind the car with a viewing angle of 175°. Transmits a contrasting picture both in fog and at night. Adjusts shutter speed and fps according to the lighting in the frame. Supports timer modes: automatic start and shutdown delay. Helps to orientate in the situation behind the car even before turning on the reverse gear. Easily connects to video recorders.

Night shooting mode and adaptation of exposure steps

The Gazer CC150 parking video camera is built on the basis of an ultra-sensitive SONY 1/2.7″ HD sensor with a resolution of 1280×720 (850 TVL), a floating frame rate from 20 fps to 90 fps and advanced shutter speed settings. When the maximum frame value is reached per second, the effect of Motion Blur (blurring in motion) is reduced, which affects the clarity of the display of objects in motion. When the light in the frame decreases, the video camera switches to a mode with a reduced frame rate, but at the same time, the exposure time of each individual frame increases – this is the mode “Shutter Thus, in conditions where other video cameras transmit a “blurred” and uninformative image with a lot of “noise”, the Gazer CC150 car video camera provides a clear contrast video without “blue noise” at any time of the day and in any weather. and other obstacles.In other words, the Gazer CC150 car video camera “sees” better than the human eye at night.

Technology of timer modes of operation

Gazer set a new trend in video parking systems for cars, implementing the technology of timer modes of operation, analogues of which are used in standard video systems of premium cars. These features are incorporated into an innovative switching and control system in the form of a camera pre-start timer and a shutdown delay timer. At the user’s request, the modes can be selectively activated or completely disabled.

The pre-start timer is designed to turn on the video camera for 10 seconds when the car engine is started (the ACC signal is applied). This allows you to assess the situation behind the car not only when the reverse gear is engaged, but also immediately before the start of movement, which allows better orientation. This function not only increases the practicality and convenience of daily use of the video parking system, but also contributes to safer driving.

The Gazer CC150 video camera of the new generation has implemented a shutdown delay timer. Thanks to this function, the image from the video camera will be available on the monitor within 10 seconds after turning off the rear transmission. This will allow continuous monitoring of the rear view during frequent gear changes and complex parking “in several steps”.

In addition, the Gazer CC150 has a “continuous operation” function. This mode is implemented so that the camera can be connected to a recording device as an additional recording channel, for example, to a rearview mirror with a built-in video recorder Gazer MUW5000 or MUW7000. In this version, the recording will be made from the recorder built into the mirror, as well as from the rear-view camera, which will ultimately provide you with full-fledged filming around the entire car. At the same time, the Gazer CC150 camera will continue to work as intended – when the reverse transmission is turned on, the image from the camera will be displayed on the device screen.

Ultra-hermetic housing with IP67 protection

The Gazer CC150 model is made in an ultra-hermetic housing with a high degree of dust and moisture protection IP67, as well as a wide operating temperature range from -30 to +70°C. This means that the camcorder is specially designed to perform stably in a wide variety of conditions: extreme temperatures, dirt, dust and countless high pressure washers. Gazer CC150 passed all relevant tests and showed excellent results, confirmed by certificates of quality and conformity.

Complete Plug&Play connection kit

The model is equipped with an innovative switching and control unit, the feature of which is the implementation of timer modes of operation, as well as their shutdown. Traditionally, the switching and control unit allows you to quickly connect the video camera to various display devices using the Plug & Play method. The block has an optimally calculated length of wires and provides all the necessary components and connectors, so that the user does not need to buy or change anything.

An important advantage of the unit is the way to connect the power supply of the video camera, which is carried out not from the reversing light, but from the car’s safety unit. Only the control signal is received from the reverse lights, according to which the relay of the unit supplies power to the video camera and display device. This type of connection allows you to exclude on-board computer errors when polling the car’s network. In addition, this method ensures a stable video signal and the absence of interference in the image, which can occur when the camera is directly connected to the reverse light of the car. Also, to improve image quality and minimize interference, an LC filter is implemented in the switching and control unit to stabilize the power supply of the video camera and display device. A self-recovery fuse is used as a protective element.

Compatibility with cars

The Gazer CC150 car video camera is designed to organize a video parking system in any type of vehicle. In order for the video camera to be installed in the car “like a native”, without any mounting damage to the body and modifications, Gazer implemented an excellent solution – the integration of the device into special mounts designed for installation in the appropriate places of the car. Gazer offers a huge range of such mounts, including models in the form of license plate lamp shades, as well as models designed to be installed in the regular place of the car.

Each fastener is compatible with a specific model or series of cars and in appearance completely repeats the factory component of the car.

The mounting in the form of a license plate lamp shade with an integrated video camera is designed to be installed instead of the original lamp shade. At the same time, Gazer retained not only the external identity with the original component of the car, but also functional features. The Gazer lamp with an integrated video camera, when installed in a car, uses the original license plate lighting*.

Integrating the Gazer CC150 car video camera into any mount is very easy. It is enough for the car owner to choose the necessary model of Gazer CAxxx mount, compatible with his car, and perform simple steps to install the video camera. In addition, the standard Gazer CC150 includes a universal mount with the ability to change the angle of the video camera. With its help, the device can be installed in any car.

*In those cases when it is technically impossible to preserve the original illumination, a ceiling lamp with LED illumination and a color temperature of 2700K is used, which allows you to obtain the color of the illumination of the license plate, which practically does not differ from the original.