Gazer CC100

Gazer CC100 car rear-view camera is universal and designed to be installed in any car. The camera mount is designed as a platform that can be fixed on 3M adhesive tape and screws. Camera angle is adjustable and can be fixed in a desired position. The image shows parking guidance lines that help estimate the distance to obstacles when driving in reverse.

Gazer CC100 car rear-view camera is a universal and affordable video parking system for any type of vehicle. Gazer CC100 camera has a universal mount with angle adjustment function and is designed to be installed in the rear of any vehicle. When connected to a Gazer car monitor, Gazer rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor or another display inside the car, Gazer CC100 camera enables the driver to control the distance to obstacles behind the car when driving in reverse.

Gazer CC100 car camera uses the latest generation 1/4″ CMOS sensor specially configured for low light operation by Gazer engineers. Thus, some of the chromaticity and sensitivity settings were optimized to obtain the best possible image at night, in poor visibility, in the rain or fog. Such conditions represent a major challenge for any car rear-view camera when it is almost impossible to control the situation with the help of the vehicle’s rear-view mirrors and the only way to detect possible obstacles is to use the video feed from the camera as guidance.

Gazer CC100 rear-view camera generates a video signal in PAL standard. Unlike NTSC standard, PAL standard allows the rear-view camera to get a wider viewing angle vertically and therefore diagonally. This is a reflection of the rear-view camera’s technical features. The dimensions of the camera body are very limited resulting in video signal generation without additional processing. That is why the image of the desired size is generated directly by the sensor. The image generated by PAL standard is higher because PAL video signal has 576 horizontal lines, whereas NTSC video signal has only 480 lines. Consequently, more objects appear in the visibility area, which is very important for effective operation of the rear-view camera.

Gazer CC100 car camera has a wide-angle lens (170°) that ensures maximum visibility behind the vehicle. However, the objects in the image at the top and bottom appear curved due to the optical properties of the lens. Parking guidance lines provide more accurate control of the distance separating the car from potential obstacles. Parking guidance lines of Gazer CC100 rear-view camera closely replicate the shape of the objects that appear curved in the image produced by the wide angle camera. Thus, the driver can determine the distance to obstacles as correctly and accurately as possible in different parking conditions. Gazer CC100 car camera transmits a mirrored image enabling the driver to see the video on the monitor exactly as he/she would see it in the rear-view mirror.

Gazer CC100 car camera has IP67 protection rating, which guarantees a full body protection against dust and moisture. Unlike most other cameras manufactured using manual labor at certain production stages, Gazer CC100 camera is assembled by a special machine that attaches two parts of the camera body under high pressure melting the plastic to create a tight seam. According to IP-standard requirements, every Gazer CC100 camera is immersed in water for 1 hour to a 1 m depth, and then, using a 1 m long wire, the camera, still being underwater, is turned on to check its operation characteristics. Due to such strict quality control standards, Gazer CC100 rear-view cameras boast a high level of reliability and durability.

Gazer CC100 car rear-view camera comes with a special switching and control unit that allows connecting not only the camera but also a Gazer monitor or a Gazer rear-view mirror with a built-in monitor. Thus, this unit allows you to install a full-fledged video car parking system comprising a rear-view camera and a display device. The camera is fed not from the reversing light, but directly from the fuse box (a part of the vehicle’s power system) through the relay and LC-filter unit. This type of connection allows avoiding interference in the camera and monitor image that may occur when camera is powered by the car’s reversing light. Gazer CC100 car camera switching unit receives only a control signal from the reversing light that enables the relay and supplies power simultaneously to the rear-view camera and to the monitor inside the car. Gazer CC100 camera control and switching unit has all the necessary components and joints for video parking system connection. The wire length is designed for private cars and allows installing the monitor even in the upper part of the passenger compartment, e.g. near the rear-view mirror, or connecting the rear-view mirror to a Gazer monitor.

Gazer CC100-xxx car rear-view cameras are designed to be installed as a license plate light housing replacement in various car models and are based on Gazer CC100 car camera integrated into the license plate lights housing. Gazer CC100-xxx car rear-view cameras have different types of housings.


Gazer CC100


CMOS 1/4″


540 TVL (720х576)

Video signal format


Viewing angle


Camera current consumption

85 mA

Protection Level


Parking guidance lines


Mirror Image


Backlight Type



0.1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46 dB

Supply voltage

DC 12V

Operating temperature