Gazer F750w


The flagship 2-channel model includes a central unit with a built-in 3.0’’ display and two tiny remote Full HD video cameras, inconspicuous inside the car. Wi-Fi module and Gazer Dashcam mobile app for setup, video viewing, and publication. CCTV recording in a parked car with vehicle network voltage control. WDR function, 60fps recording, support of 128Gb memory cards, wireless control button, password protection. Optional GPS module.

Key advantages:
  • Central unit with 3.0” display and two tiny remote Full HD video cameras
  • WDR, 160° viewing angle and 60 fps video recording
  • Optional Fisheye cameras and external IP67 rear cameras
  • Wi-Fi module and Gazer Dashcam application for iOS and Android
  • GPS module
  • CCTV recording in parked car with vehicle network voltage control
  • Wireless remote control button and G-sensor
  • Access lock and password protection

General description

Two-channel Gazer F750w dashboard camera is a unique solution with the central recording and processing unit separated from video cameras. Thus, the unit can be installed in a concealed place, for example, in the glove department, and two separate cameras are so small that they will hardly be visible inside the car. This solution helps hide the DVR from others’ attention while ensuring high-quality video recording both in front of, inside and behind the car and all possible functionalities and technologies.

Gazer F750w offers a series of crucial and unique functions both for personal and commercial use. The CCTV recording continues recording after the engine is switched off while controlling the car battery power level. A special concealed lock button activates the password protection in one click to ensure maximum confidentiality and protection of DVR data from unauthorized use.

Central unit and remote cameras

The central unit of the F750w dashboard camera is equipped with a 3.0-inch LCD display. Thanks to the support of different viewing modes, either each separate channel or a joint image from both cameras can be displayed. The dashcam works in an unattended mode: it automatically switches to the recording mode when the engine is started, and the recording is continuous thanks to the loop recording function. After the engine is switched off, the DVR stops its operation or continues working according to settings if the CCTV mode has been selected. Due to small unit dimensions and elegant design, the dashcam can be installed where the driver wants using 3М tape or the special mount from the delivery package. Slots for connecting remote cameras, power cable and the GPS module are outside the dashcam body to make the connections as reliable and stable as possible; you can easily move the central unit, for example, take it out of the glove department without bothering about damaging the connection slots or disrupting the connection.

Miniature Full HD video cameras are connected to the central unit with special cables; both cameras have a functional 3M tape mount, and each camera can be adjusted and quickly rotated in any direction. The front camera has a built-in microphone, a 3-meter-long cable, and a separate connection slot 30 cm from the camera for maximum convenience of installation. The second camera may be directed both inside and behind the car; it has a 6-meter-long cable and a connection slot 30 cm from the camera. Video from each camera is recorded to the central unit along a separate channel and saved in different files. The support of microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 128Gb allows the user to save a large video archive.

WDR technology, 160° viewing angle, F1.8 aperture and 60fps video recording

The top-tier glass optics with a wide F1.8 aperture and professional Sony Exmor 1/2.7’’ sensor allows producing an almost perfect Full HD image quality at both day and night time or in low-light situations. Detailed fixation of road situation at crossroads and multi-lane highways is ensured by the 160° wide-angle lens in each of the two cameras, and the 6-layer coated lens with an IR filter is Gazer’s quality standard in dashcams.

The WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) image processing technology, which is widely used in professional surveillance systems, ensures exposure control in the frame by combining several frames. Objects that were over- or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording. To produce smooth and rich image on videos, Gazer F750w features a 60 frame per second (60 fps) recording mode. This mode significantly improves video perception by human eye, and its effect subjectively surpasses other methods and technologies, such as matrix parameters in terms of megapixels, that are extensively advertised by different brands.

Optional FishEye cameras and external IP67 rear cameras

Gazer F750w dashboard cameras are supplied with 2 tiny video cameras installed using 3М tape. The special configuration of cameras allows mounting them at a different angle to choose the optimum field of vision. The two-channel Gazer dashboard camera can for the first time be supplied with optional cameras with the 360-degree FishEye wide-angle lens (standing for the letter F in the model name), and an ultra-tight IP67-rated external rear camera compatible with Gazer series CM lamps (standing for the letter E in the model name). There are 5 additional dashcam configurations: F750w-F (with one standard and one FishEye camera), F750w-FF (supplied with two FishEye cameras), F750w-E (with one standard and one external camera), F750w-EE (supplied with two external cameras), and F750w-FE (supplied with one FishEye and one external camera).

Built-in Wi-Fi module and Gazer Dashcam application

Gazer F750w is equipped with a Wi-Fi module to work with the Gazer Dashcam mobile application, which can be downloaded for free from App Store or Play Market. You can use your smartphone to configure all dashcam settings, manage recorded videos and photos, save and edit video clips. Sharing a photo or a video clip in social media or messengers is now easier than ever – you can do it right from your car. Another app feature is the video editor allowing you to cut video fragments. When the GPS module is connected, you can view map-linked trip information for saved video clips in the app.

Support of an optional GPS module

The two-channel dashcam supports the connection of an optional Gazer ACG750 GPS module for capturing the location coordinates of the vehicle’s during recording, coordinate placed on the video.

CCTV parking mode and voltage control

The CCTV parking mode is one of the unique and essential functions offered by the two-channel Gazer F750w dashcam. After the engine is turned off, the dashcam will continue working according to the pre-set timer or continuously. Video will be recorded at the standard 30 fps rate from both cameras. In the CCTV parking mode, the dashcam constantly controls the car battery level. Once the car battery voltage reaches 11.7V, the dashcam will stop working and switch off to save energy for the subsequent start of the engine.

Wireless control button and G-sensor

Gazer F750w dashcam is equipped with a built-in 3-axis acceleration sensor called G-sensor. It detects any changes in the nature of the car’s movement: abrupt acceleration, braking or shocks. Video clips that are saved when the G-sensor is triggered are automatically protected from overwriting due to loop recording. Thus, the driver may rest assured that critical video files will be saved.

You can also protect a certain clip from overwriting by pressing a button on the central unit or the external wireless control button included in the package. This button has optimal dimensions to fit in the car interior and remains convenient for pressing without distracting the driver from the road. The wireless button can be placed anywhere in the car using adhesive tape and easily replaced without damaging the interior. The indicator on the button surface gives an additional signal that it has been pressed, and the driver will notice it with peripheral vision.

Thanks to the special system of emergency file saving, you will not have to regularly delete unnecessary fragments and keep track of the available memory space. All files recorded after the G-sensor has been triggered or the button has been pressed are saved within 30% of the total memory card capacity available for loop recording.

Dashcam access lock

The F750w DVR has a unique feature of data protection and control of unauthorized access to information. This mode can be activated using a special concealed PASSWORD button on the back panel of the device. When the PASSWORD button is pressed, access to the dashcam menu is locked completely, just like it works with laptops or new smartphones. When one attempts to enter the menu, the dashcam will ask for a password that is pre-set by the device owner. Without the password, it will be impossible to access videos, photos or dashcam settings. Only online broadcast remains available to set up or check the device operation. Thus, the car owner may not worry that someone will delete certain video fragments, change dashcam settings or switch off particular functions in his/her absence..

All-in-one package

Gazer F750w comes with everything one needs to connect the device and start using it. The standard supply package includes:
1. Central unit
2. Front camera
3. Rear camera
4. Front camera extension cable
5. Rear camera extension cable x 2 pcs.
6. Power supply unit with a camera
7. Wireless button
8. GPS module*
9. Memory card*



Gazer F750w



No. of cameras


Camera viewing angle


Max. video resolution

Full HD (1920×1080)

Build-in display

Yes, 3 inch


6-layer, glass, with anti-reflective lens and F1.8 aperture


Sony Exmor 1/2.7″

Camera rotation

Rotatable device body 360°

Video formats

H.264, MOV

Access lock and password protection


Sound recording


Microphone muting


Memory card support

microSDXC, up to 128GB

Memory card in delivery set

Yes, Gazer microSDHC 16GB + Adapter optional

Date and time stamps


Automatic switching on after power supply

Yes, in the recording mode

Loop video


Windshield mounting type

3М tape

GPS module

Yes, optional

Wireless remote control button



Yes, with additional sensitivity setup

Parking mode

Yes, with controls the car battery level


«Gazer Dashcam» for Android OS and iOS

Time-Lapse recording



5V, power unit 12-24V from car socket or 12V on-board power system

Remote control


Dimensions, mm


Weight, g