Gazer F725


The innovative Full HD Gazer F725 dash camera with OBD II connection and car diagnostics function, GPS with the SpeedCam and route recording functions, Wi-Fi with the unique Gazer Dashcam IoV (Internet of Vehicles) application. Now you can monitor the state of your car, set up security video recording mode, analyze every trip in terms of the route, fuel consumption, and your driving skills, save video and instantly share clips in social media, store recordings in a cloud or use your smartphone as a Head-UP Display (HUD) with the projection on the windshield.

Key advantages:
  • Power supply and car diagnostics through the OBD II connection*
  • GPS* with route recording and route overlay on the map
  • Second-generation ADAS, including FCWS and LDWS
  • SpeedCam* feature – notification about POIs
  • Cloud storage and Gazer social media service
  • Wi-Fi with the Gazer Dashcam IoV application for Android and iPhone
  • Head-UP Display mode with projection on the windshield
  • Full HD with a WDR
  • Parking security recording and G-sensor
  • Support of memory cards up to 128 Gb

Dash camera of the Internet of vehicles (IoV) generation

Gazer F725 is a miniature dash camera by Gazer featuring a unique integration with the car’s CAN bus. The dimensions of the dash camera are just 78*32*38mm, making it inconspicuous inside the car. The dash camera is mounted on the windshield using a 3М mount, and the dash camera can be easily dismounted. The mount has a 360° rotation angle and does not limit device setup and instantaneous change of recording direction if necessary. There are slots for the connection of power supply on the dashcam body. There is a power on/off button on the dashcam body.

OBD II module of GPS antenna connection

Gazer F725 supports the connection of an optional OBD II module with the GPS ACG-OBD antenna that records car movement along each route: location coordinates, covered distance, current and average speed, fuel consumption rate and consumed fuel per trip, trip time, and engine rpm, and assesses the driver’s skills giving a result in points. You can view the car route linked to saved videos on Google maps using the Gazer Dashcam IoV mobile app.

Having access to all vehicle data through the OBDII diagnostic slot, the driver can obtain information about any defects and errors as timely as possible and be sure that the car is in good order. And in case of any defect you will learn about it immediately and may provide preliminary diagnostic data from the Gazer F725 dash camera to have the car serviced and the defect fixed. The diagnostic function is activated from the Gazer Dashcam IoV application and allows you to check the majority of basic parameters from vehicle circuit voltage and coolant temperature to pressure in the fuel rack and status of lambda sensors, throttle position, inlet air temperature and pressure, engine load and many other parameters.

Second-generation ADAS and SpeedCam function

The ADAS function produces a sound signal to notify the driver about the risk of forward collision (FCWS) and lane departure (LDWS), and its second generation with smart settings in Gazer dash cameras made this assistant really effective and increased driving safety. If your car is rapidly approaching the forward car and you do not slow down, the dash camera will produce a warning sound signal. This function minimizes the collision risk if the driver gets distracted from the road. When a road lane is crossed, or, to be more precise, when the car is on a lane for more than three seconds, F725 produces a sound signal to warn the driver of a dangerous situation. In the Gazer Dashcam IoV mobile application, you can set up the sensitivity of the functions and the speed at which the assistants are activated.

The SpeedCam function working with the optional ACG-OBD module gives a sound signal to notify the driver about POIs. The dash camera has a pre-saved database of GPS coordinates of different locations, including stationary radars and cameras (TruCam, etc.) as well as speed bumps, sharp turns, schools, kindergartens, etc. When your car approaches one of these locations, the dash camera calculates the distance to the object based on GPS coordinates and notifies the driver in advance with a sound signal. You can update the POI database yourself or edit it according to your preferences.

Saving video in a cloud and Gazer social media service

It is the first Gazer device that allows saving videos in cloud storage. The owner of a Gazer F725 dashcam can save any video fragment directly in the cloud that is simultaneously a world-wide social platform for Gazer dashcam owners. You should not be bothered with storing essential video fragments from your dashcam – the Gazer cloud storage is absolutely free and reliably stores your videos and shows it in the news feed for all Gazer dashcam owners and Gazer Dashcam IoV application users.

Built-in Wi-Fi module and Gazer IoV application

With a Gazer F725 dashcam, you should not extract the memory card to copy a file. Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, you can easily connect the dashcam to your smartphone and work with video clips right on the phone.

By installing the Gazer Dashcam IoV app and connecting your smartphone to F725, you get full access to all dashcam settings, as well as to videos, trip information, and car status data after device-based diagnostics. Thanks to Gazer IoV, you can save videos from your trip directly in your smartphone and keep track of data from all trips linked to the recorded video. Also available are detailed settings of the parking mode (following a shock or TimeLapse with fps setup), dashcam password, switching on/off the microphone, main camera image rotation, mirror image of the second camera, notification volume, units of measurement of speed/distance/fuel consumption, video resolution, etc. You will also be able to quickly share videos in popular social media and messengers using the Gazer Dashcam IoV proprietary application.

Head-UP Display mode with projection on the windshield

You can now use your smartphone as a windshield projector thanks to the HUD mode in the Gazer Dashcam IoV mobile application. Put your smartphone on the dashboard, and you will get information about the speed, trip time, engine rpm, average speed, covered distance, engine temperature and fuel consumption.

двухканальный видеорегистратор, режим парковки, gazer f725 двухканальный видеорегистратор, режим парковки, gazer f725

This function is implemented by mirroring the image on your smartphone onto the windshield. This feature is active when the dashcam is connected through the optional ACG-OBD module.

Excellent video quality with WDR technology

Gazer F725 ensures excellent video quality thanks to its powerful hard- and software. The model records in native Full HD (1920×1080) resolution with a wide viewing angle of 140° for complete coverage of the road. The use of top-tier glass optics with a 6-layer coated lens and a wide F1.8 aperture allows producing an extremely detailed high-definition image even in low-light situations. Such properties, ensure impressive video quality in any time of the day.

Gazer F725 boasts automatic exposure control technology, or WDR (Wide Dynamic Range). This technology is a must for video surveillance systems where it is critical to capture all important details. Today, WDR is one of the most sought-after features in car DVRs. In case of sharp changes in the luminosity level (e.g., when exiting from a tunnel, driving against the light, etc.), this technology allows avoiding “blind” areas in recorded videos. Thanks to WDR technology, objects that were over- or underexposed during filming will always appear crisp and informative in the recording.

CCTV parking mode and G-sensor

Gazer F725 has a G-sensor to ensure that video clips are saved at a critical moment. The sensor will detect sharp turns, braking or shocks and automatically protect the 15-second-long video file (10 seconds before G-sensor activation + 5 seconds after the activation) from overwriting and save it in a separate folder on the memory card. The CCTV parking mode is available with the optional ACG-OBD module. The dashcam will switch to this mode after the engine is turned off. When this function is enabled, the device starts recording at a slower frame rate in the Time-Lapse mode, which ensures effective monitoring of the situation around the parked car while also saving space on the memory card. If the G-sensor is triggered in this mode, the dashcam will switch to the standard 30 fps recording mode and record a 3-minute-long video before returning to the Time Lapse mode. When you start the engine, the DVR will automatically switch back to the normal mode of operation. This mode can be set up in the Gazer Dashcam IoV application. In the application, you can also set the car battery level at which the DVR will switch off and will not use power for the car to start successfully.

Unattended operation mode and support of 128Gb memory cards

Ultra-compact Gazer F725 dashcam operates in a fully unattended mode, and the driver does not even have to turn the recording mode on or off: the dashcam’s operation is completely automated and synchronized with the engine on/off status. Thanks to the loop recording function, the device can record continuously irrespective of the amount of free space available on the memory card. A 400 mAh rechargeable battery enables the dashcam to save the last video files properly and stop recording.

To ensure maximum duration of recordings, Gazer F725 supports microSDXC memory cards with a capacity of up to 128Gb, which is an absolute record among all dashcams.

Configuration benefits

Similar to all Gazer dashcams, Gazer F725 has a rich supply package. It contains not only everything you might need for installation and further use but also several useful extras.

Besides the dashcam itself, the standard supply package includes:
– 360° rotatable 3М tape mount;
– 12-24В car charger with additional USB slot for the charging of portable electronic devices;
– USB power cable;
– microSDHC Gazer 16 Gb memory card (Class 10) + Adapter***;
– detailed connection and operation manual;



Gazer F725



No. of cameras


Camera viewing angle


Max. video resolution

Full HD (1920×1080)


6-layer, glass, with anti-reflective lens and F1.8 aperture



Camera rotation

Rotatable device body

Video formats

H.264, MP4

WDR function


Sound recording


Microphone muting


Memory card support

microSDXC, up to 128GB

Memory card in delivery set

Yes, Gazer microSDHC 16GB + Adapter optional

Date and time stamps


Automatic switching on after power supply

Yes, in the recording mode

Image auto-rotation

Yes, 180°

Loop video


Windshield mounting type

3М tape

GPS module



Yes, with additional sensitivity setup

Parking mode



Gazer Dashcam IoV for Android OS and iOS

Time-Lapse recording

Yes, in parking mode


5V, power unit 12-24V from car socket or OBD II


Built-in, 400 mAh

Remote control


Dimensions, mm


Weight, g