Gazer F125


Miniature dashcam Gazer F125 DVR with SuperHD 2304×1296 recording resolution, built-in 1.5 ”display and Wi-Fi module for controlling and saving files to smartphone via Gazer Dashcam application. Professional-grade Sony Exmor sensor, 60 frames per second recording mode, 160° wide viewing angle, F2.0 aperture glass lens. Support of 128 Gb memory cards for maximum recording time, support of GPS modules for fixing speed and route, compact mount on 3M tape with 360-degree rotation capability.

Key benefits:

-Miniature housing with integrated 1.5″ display
-Super HD recording mode (2304×1296)
-HD recording mode 60 frames per second (720p)
-Built-in Wi-Fi module and Gazer Dashcam app
-160° viewing angle and six-layer glass lens with aperture F2.0
-Sony Exmor 1/2.9″ sensor
-G-sensor with sensitivity adjustment
-Compact mount on 3M adhesive tape with 360° rotation capability
-Support of microSDXC memory cards up to 128 GB

Completely autonomous operation

The Gazer dashcam will be your reliable assistant never distracting you or demanding your attention. Each time you start the car’s engine, the DVR will automatically turn on and start recording video clips to the memory card in a continuous video sequence, while automatically erasing the oldest fragments to record new ones. Thus, you will always have access to all the events that occurred on your way over the past few hours, and you can view them directly on the DVR screen or on your smartphone by easily copying the necessary video frames or photos via the Gazer Dashcam mobile application. The DVR keeps two independent folders with recordings – one folder is for videos of all events on the way, and the other folder is for video recordings of emergency events, for example, sudden braking, acceleration, shocks, or situations when the driver presses the emergency recording button on the DVR.

Fitting the modern interior style of your car

The Gazer F125 designer digital video recorder will fit as seamlessly as possible into the modern interior of the car interior, where there is no longer room for angular shapes and large elements. Every element of the car’s interior is thought out to the smallest detail, and the DVR should be part of this unique design. Occupying the most visible place in front of the driver’s eyes, a reliable digital video recorder should be a delight to your eyes and bring aesthetic pleasure to you every day. This specific task has been managed perfectly by Gazer designers working jointly with the world’s best design consultants. The DVR’s Soft Touch finish coating accentuates the style of your car, while the control buttons are slightly elevated to ensure the most intuitive operation experience. It is enough to compare the Gazer video recorder’s overall dimensions (66x39x32 mm) with those of any competitor devices in the class to see that this is the smallest SuperHD DVR with an integrated 1.5-inch display and full control buttons, as well as an integrated Wi-Fi module for control via your smartphone.

Everything at your hand means driving as needed

The miniature mount based on 3M adhesive tape allows to rotate the DVR by 360° around the axis, which may be necessary to urgently capture an event happening at the side of the car or in the passenger compartment. This means the possibility of easy removal of the DVR from the mount – there are no latches or clips, so you can do it with one hand without the slightest effort. The on 3M adhesive tape-based mount is very compact looking different from the classic mounts of bulky recorders. Such a small DVR is almost inconspicuous from the outside and does not attract too much attention. And most importantly, the DVR does not obstruct the driver’s view while performing all the necessary functions.

If you start a confidential conversation, press a dedicated button to turn off the sound recording. The icon on the recorder’s screen will remind you that the microphone is turned off, so that you may turn it on again at the right time. The screen can be turned on constantly, or can automatically turn off after a set time to prevent distracting the driver’s attention from the road. If you need to save an emergency video, just press the dedicated button on the recorder, and the currently recorded video is saved to a separate folder. Sharing videos is very easy via the Gazer Dashcam mobile app requiring just a couple of taps on your smartphone.

Maximum video quality with minimum space requirements

Comparison of the Gazer F125 dashcam in terms of recording quality will be very informative at the time of selection. The SuperHD resolution of 2304×1296 pixels is achieved due to a powerful processor, and is 20% higher than the standard FullHD recording resolution. The latest-generation Sony Exmor sensor, which is 34% larger, allows capturing more light and improves recording quality under twilight conditions and in darkness. The highest image quality of Gazer DVR is ensured by using the best-in-class six-layer glass lens with an infrared filter and an aperture of F2.0. The very wide viewing angle of the lens (160°) and the unique solution of Gazer engineers in the geometry of the lens provide an ideal view of video recordings without visible distortion of objects in the frame.

Seamless and clear – everything as needed

A specially developed shutter speed control algorithm allows to reduce by 2.7 times the Motion Blur effect when recording at 30 frames per second. This means that when recording a traffic situation, the car numbers will not be blurry even when driving at high speed or in turns. The Gazer F125 is the professional-level device due to its video recording mode at up to 60 frames per second and HD 1280×720. Surely, you have been using this mode for recording dynamic videos on your smartphone for a long time, and appreciated the wonderful smooth effect of the picture even with very sharp changes of scenes in the frame. This is the type of video recording mode where the Gazer F125 appears to be the best DVR due to its smooth picture capability.

Fitting the modern rhythm of life

Why not share your recordings with friends and subscribers – after all, the Gazer DVR is constantly working as the operator of your fascinating video blog. To ensure the sharing capability, the Gazer F125 has a built-in Wi-Fi module, and a free Gazer Dashcam application has been developed for your smartphone. By just a couple of taps, you may find the necessary video recording, save it to your smartphone, cut out the desired fragment, add effects or captions, and immediately share it with you friends via a social network or an instant messenger. The GPS module allows you to see your routes on the map with indication of the speed of movement in each video. You can also use the Gazer Dashcam mobile application to make any necessary settings, review the DVR files, as well as to control the contents of the memory card.

Recoding of longest journeys

Nothing is more pleasant than a long-awaited trip in your favorite car – whether made alone or with your friends. From the beginning to the end of the trip, there are interesting moments on the way that will remain part of your memories. The best video recorder is that capable of recording the whole journey from beginning to end. The Gazer F125 DVR supports memory cards up to 128 Gb for recording of up to 40 hours of video in HD mode, or up to 12 hours in SuperHD mode. In the mode of daily trips around the city, you will always have access to all the records made over a few days. This may be necessary when you recall an important or interesting moment and want to save or share this moment.

Best moments or emergency situations

If you should want to mark a moment in the trip – just press the emergency recording button on the DVR body, and the current video fragment will be saved in a separate folder, and will not be deleted during loop recording. This is the so-called emergency recording function. All other recordings of your trips are made automatically without your participation, where the oldest videos are deleted during recording of new ones, which is the loop recording function. The special three-dimensional displacement sensor (G-sensor) automatically creates emergency recordings during sudden acceleration, braking or shocking of the car.

Everything included in kit

The Gazer F125 DVR is offered complete with all items necessary for connection and further operation. The standard complete set of the device includes the Gazer F125 DVR, the 3M adhesive tape mount, the car charger (suitable for cars with 12V and 24V on-board power supply), the instructions manual for connection and operation, and the warranty card. All you need is to select a memory card of suitable capacity (by up to 128 Gb) and plug the DVR into the car outlet.


 Gazer F125

 Number of cameras


 Camera viewing angle


 Maximum video resolution

 Super HD (2304×1296)


 F2.0 aperture




 Gazer Dashcam

 Camera rotation capability

 Rotation of entire DVR

 Video characteristics

 H.264, MOV



 Microphone muting

 Yes, by long pressing the button

 mini USB interface


 Inbuilt screen


 Memory card support

 microSDХC, up to 128 GB

 Auto activation on power-up

 Yes, in the recording mode

 Loop video recording


 Type of mount

 Via 3M adhesive tape




 5V, power supply from a cigarette lighter



 Operating temperature range

 From +5°С to +60°С

 Dimensions, mm