People see the world differently.

But in one way our vision coincides:
We all want better, beautiful and easy to use, when it comes about technology.

Gazer creates unique products. In modern design. Ideal for your daily comfort. And improves them with the latest technological innovations.

These products are for you. Because it is important for us to see the world in the same way you do. And to open its amazing possibilities.

We see the world and technology in the same way.
We were the first in the world to create a new generation of smart TV - MetaSmart.

Our Gazer МЕТАSMART TV, the first in the history of televisions, provides an opportunity to enter the Metauniverse directly from the TV screen, integrates with NFT platforms and includes the Gazer Art Academy of recognized world contemporary art.
Gazer creates next-step electronics for the two places in a person's life meant for happiness: the home and the car.

We anticipate technical trends to implement innovative solutions.
Each of our products has on-top features: the TV remote will find itself if it is lost. From our dashcams, you can send timelapses of a beautiful path directly to social networks by pressing one button. With Gazer multimedia or interfaces in the car cabin, you can hold zoom meetings while driving, without taking your eyes off the road.

Because we don’t look at the future — we are already living in it. After all, what we did with you today will become a trend tomorrow.

What you would want to see in technology — we produce.
Gazer creates next-step electronics that exceed your expectations.
Gazer creates next-step electronics that exceed your expectations.

Gazer principles

By improving the product, we improve the world around us - and the life of each user.
Attention to details
There are no unimportant details. We add features to each product that are pleasantly impressive.
Together with you, we create electronics as all we want to see it.
Human Centric 
People are our inspiration. Our innovations are aimed at improving life. We remove everything unnecessary, complicated and inconvenient, so that the main thing remains - comfort and variety of possibilities.
4 analog video cameras could be connected to this board. The computer converted the signals into digital ones -- and we got a full-fledged computer video surveillance system. This was the beginning of our journey, and then the product developed, our workshop grew, and later we were able to record 128 channels already, modernizing the software.
It seemed to us that we had done something extraordinary, and it fully justified itself.
You will smile, but we did not create it in a garage. Yes, we know that all the world giants invented everything in their garages, but we were not like everyone else. We started with a workshop.
Despite its small price, it has become our most valuable asset for the next 13 years. After all, many categories were created under the Gazer name over the years, which improved the lives of drivers.
In the same year, Brand was created.
We created the first logo.
We became the first in the world to make multimedia on Android, and also with a sound processor. It was almost molecular cuisine: Gazer crossed Android entertainment technology with Hi-Fi sound. And this multimedia was the first in the world with OTA - over-the-air update technology.
Android OS has entered the technology arena, but no one has yet been able to integrate with this system. But we could, and we did.
The year 2022 became a new starting point in the history of Gazer - we revolutionized the world of TV. Gazer METASMART TV.
And we decided that it is necessary to apply all our expertise to create an extraordinary product, with the highest quality monitor, the most immersive sound and the most modern software. So, in 2018, we created the first Gazer Smart TV.
We dreamed of a tablet in which the sound would play on you, the speakers would be on the front panel. Yes, the Gazer Tegra Note 7 tablet appeared. The product was on Android 5.1 Tegra 3 with an nVidia processor, with front speakers and a passive subwoofer. It even had a resistive stylus built into the body.
We celebrated this with a rebranding and another new product for cars – the unique MultiClimate system, which has already become a bestseller on pre-orders.
It all started in 2004, when we created the first computer video surveillance system.
Our workshop was the most peaceful place on the planet. A place where you could concentrate and install a board in the computer to capture and digitize video images from video cameras: and no one in the world could interfere with this inspired moment - the moment when a Product is born from an idea.
In 2012, we went into multimedia.
In 2013, we made a tablet.
Gazer Smart TV
In 2009, the category of video recorders was born. Our S510 and S511 were the first to significantly improve the user experience for drivers.
We made it as best we could (we are engineers, not designers). We wanted to somehow fit a traffic light there, because we were developing electronics for cars. And we got a red-green logo with an oval wheel. Oval - because we are engineers, we see it that way. And then we ordered a logo from a designer - so she painted it with Photoshop for $10.
Trust in the brand was built on our expertise.
With our expertise, it was possible to do at least everything related to video surveillance in cars. Therefore, rearview cameras were added later. And then, we came up with a new product category in the world – video parking systems (camera+monitor). And later, we added a circular review.
There are only two places in the whole world dedicated to happiness. This is a home and a car. Gazer creates electronics for them.
Creates it exactly the way that will increase your happiness.
The way you want to see it.
As we see it together.
as we see it