Gazer F155


Gazer F155 keeps you connected with your car. This is a completely different level of security and remote control. It seamlessly records and archives your footage in the cloud that you have access to anytime, anywhere. This is an opportunity to see online what is happening in and around the car, being hundreds of kilometers away from it. This is a reliable way to track the movement, to prevent unpunished break-in or car damage.

A unique combination of technical reliability and advanced functionality.

Technical capabilities:

  • LTE, GPS, Wi-Fi;
  • Gazer Cloud remote control application;
  • Full HD recording;
  • Viewing angle 160°;
  • Security mode, remote vehicle tracking and real-time route tracking;
  • Support for memory cards up to 64 GB;
  • PUSH notifications about the situation in the car.

LTE module

The set of the dash camera includes an external LTE module with integrated GPS. Due to this component the entire innovative potential of the device is realized.

Insert SIM card with Internet access into the LTE module, and install Gazer Cloud application on your smartphone. In such way you can connect to the registrar anywhere, anytime. In this case, the information will be available even with such low communication signal as EDGE.

Gazer Cloud

Through Gazer Cloud, you can remotely change the dash camera settings, view the captured content. The application has simple editor for cutting video clips and adjusting timing.

Quickly and conveniently – without unnecessary connections and synchronizations – you can send notes in messengers and share funny videos on social networks.

Gazer Cloud app is developed for two main operating systems – iOS and Android. You can download it free of charge in the AppStore or Google Play, respectively.

Tracking vehicle movements

Another useful feature of Gazer Cloud is remote tracking of your car current location and which route it is taking. Through the application, you can both see the current recording of the recorder as well as hear everything that happens in the salon. Gazer Cloud also allows you to send voice messages to the device – they are played through the built-in speaker.

Gazer F155 dash camera remembers all travel routes and automatically uploads them to the cloud. In such way you always have access to the trip archive. It is enough to select the desired date and all movements of the car on a specific day or time will be displayed on the smartphone screen.

Wi-Fi and Hotspot function

Thanks to the built-in Wi-Fi module, footage is uploaded to the Gazer Cloud app at maximum speed. While in the car, you can transfer files to your phone or tablet in minutes.

Gazer F155 itself can act as a router for Android devices. It is equipped with a Hotspot function. The connection algorithm is the same as in any smartphone: activate the access point and distribute traffic from the SIM card inserted into the LTE registrar module.

Smart notifications about vehicle status

When the dash camera is turned on, it is always connected to the server. It allows sending PUSH notifications to your phone when it is turned off or when the G-sensor is triggered.

For example, someone started your car. When the power is turned on, the recorder takes a photo and, along with the current coordinates, sends it to your phone. Promptly taking measures, you can avoid petty hooliganism, theft and even theft.

Personalized alerts

You can “train” your dash camera with additional skills if you wish. Among them: warning that the car has left a given radius; setting a speed limit; parking meter.

  • You can define an area on the map with a diameter from 500 to 3000 meters. When the car arrives in the specified area or leaves it, corresponding notification will be sent to your phone. One or several areas can be active at the same time. Any zone can be easily excluded from the list.
  • Specify the speed above which the dash camera will emit warning sounds and send notifications to your smartphone.
  • Specify the speed above which the dash camera will emit warning sounds and send notifications to your smartphone.

Security recording mode and voltage control

The algorithm is as follows: when the engine is turned off, the recorder goes into sleep mode and waits for information from the G-sensor. If the shock sensor is triggered, it immediately wakes up, shoots a protected video and, if there is no further movement, returns to sleep mode.

At the same time, a notification is sent to your phone that the recorder has been awakened by the G-sensor. After that, you can immediately – with just one touch – connect to the device and see what is happening around or inside the car online.

There is an option to upload automatically emergency videos to the cloud after each recording is completed.

In the security recording mode, Gazer F155 constantly monitors the car battery charge level. If the battery voltage drops to 11.7 V, the recorder will shut down and turn off completely. And you will have the opportunity to start the car on your return or, if necessary, activate the registrar remotely.

Viewing angle 160°, aperture F2.0

Gazer F155 is equipped with a professional sensor and high-quality F2.0 optics. The dash camera provides shooting in Full HD resolution both in the midday sun, and in low light conditions or night shooting.

With a wide-angle lens (160°), the device fully captures the situation at intersections and multi-lane highways. And thanks to 6-layer glass optics with an infra-red cut filter, the recording quality can be considered as a reference.

Gazer E7 cloud

Number of cameras 1
Video resolution Full HD
Camera angle 160°
WiFi +
4G/LTE +
Wireless remote button
G-sensor +
Cloud storage +
Parking recording mode +
Mount type Vertical rotation
Memory card support 64 Gb