Gazer CC150F


Front-view camera with an HD sensor from SONY and a resolution of 1280×720. Displays the road situation in front of the car with a viewing angle of 175°. Transmits a contrasting picture both in fog and at night. Adjusts shutter speed and fps to the light level in the frame. Supports timer modes. Easily connects to external devices. Helps to orientate in the situation in front of the car even before the start of movement.

Key benefits:

  1. Does not mirror objects when streaming video to the car monitor;
  2. Helps to leave “blind” zones and safely merge into the flow when exiting secondary roads;
  3. Allows you to orient yourself in the situation ahead of the car even before switching on the gear;
  4. Makes it easier to drive off-road and in places with poor coverage;
  5. It broadcasts an informative picture both in the rain and in the fog;
  6. Does not blur and clearly captures moving objects;
  7. Gives a contrast image without “blue noise” at night;
  8. Does not react to extreme temperatures, dirt, dust and countless high pressure washers;
  9. Integrates into any type of transport using a universal mount.

Front view without mirror reflection

Due to mirror reflection, objects located to the right of the car are displayed on the car monitor on the left. So, drivers have difficulty understanding from which side and in which direction the cars are moving from the sides. This confuses them and prevents them from making decisions “without extra thoughts”.

With the Gazer CC150F camera, such problems do not arise – the device broadcasts images without the reflection effect. This means that you will see the brick near the right wheel on the right side of the screen. You will be able to navigate the situation in front of the car without delays and unfortunate accidents.

Night mode: adaptation of shutter speed to changes in lighting

At dusk and at night, the Gazer CC150F “sees” better than the human eye. The camera lens is equipped with an ultra-sensitive SONY 1/2.7″ HD sensor with a resolution of 1280×720 (850 TVL) and a floating frequency from 20 to 90 frames per second. When the maximum fps value is reached, the Motion Blur effect is reduced. That is, moving objects on the video objects are displayed clearly, without hang-ups and pixelation.

If the light level in the frame decreases, the camera switches to reduced fps values. Shutter speed settings also change automatically: the exposure time increases, and the picture itself remains informative even in complete darkness.

Gazer CC150F transmits contrast video without “noise” at any time of the day and in any weather outside the window.

Timer modes: prestart and shutdown delay

The new generation Gazer CC150F video camera supports two trendy options – a pre-start timer and a shutdown delay timer. They are activated at will – individually each or both at the same time.

The pre-start timer is designed for 10-second activation of the video camera at each engine start (ACC signal supply). It helps to orientate on the terrain even before the start of movement. Allows you to assess the situation in front of the car without nerves and small jerks and make sure that the exit is safe.

The shutdown delay timer helps to maneuver “in several steps”. When this function is activated, the image from the camera does not disappear from the monitor for 10 seconds after turning off the front camera. So, the driver can continuously monitor the situation in front and on the sides of the car in places with limited visibility.

In addition, the Gazer CC150F supports the “continuous operation” mode. With it, the camera can be used as an additional recording channel when connected to a recorder or other recording device.

Ultra-hermetic housing with protection against dirt and water

The Gazer CC150F case is protected against dust and moisture according to the IP67 standard. The operation of the camera is not affected by high-pressure washers, driving on washed-out soil, or extreme temperatures overboard. Stable operation of the camera is guaranteed both in winter cold (-30°C) and in summer heat (+70°C).

Quick connection according to the principle of Plug & Play

Gazer CC150F is equipped with an innovative switching and control unit. This significantly simplifies the connection of the camera to external devices – a built-in monitor, video recorder and other display devices.

The CC150F switching unit is equipped with an LC filter that improves image quality and stabilizes the power supply. And also all the necessary connectors and cables with the optimal length. During installation, you will not have to buy anything or change the wiring of the car.

Power to the CC150F comes from the machine’s fuse box.

The standard package of the Gazer CC150F video camera includes:

  1. Front view camera
  2. Switching and control unit
  3. User manual
  4. Warranty card