Gazer CC120

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The latest development from Gazer, which combines versatility and advanced technologies. HD sensor with a resolution of 1280×720. Timer on for 10 s when starting the engine and off delay for 10 s when turning off the reverse gear. NTSC signal format.

Impressive result when viewed at night

The Gazer CC120 parking video camera is designed on the basis of the ultra-sensitive HD CMOS 1/4″ sensor (1280×720) of the latest generation. The characteristics of the sensor in combination with advanced settings provide an impressive result when viewing in poor visibility, at dusk and in almost complete darkness. In conditions where other video cameras transmit “blurry” and uninformative video with a high content of “noise”, Gazer CC120 in any weather and at any time of the day provides clear contrast video without “blue noise” and other interference. In other words, the miniature video camera Gazer CC120 at night ” sees” better than the human eye.

Technology of timer modes of operation

The Gazer CC120 car video camera implements the technology of timer modes of operation. Similar functions are implemented in standard video systems of premium-class cars and allow to increase the efficiency of the video parking system as a whole many times over. The modes are activated by means of an innovative system of switching and control in the form of timers for the continuation of work and preliminary activation of the camera. At the user’s request, the modes can be disabled or activated selectively.

As you know, a conventional rear-view video camera starts and stops working at the same time as the rear gear is turned on / off. The video camera of the new generation Gazer CC120 can transmit video to the monitor even after turning off the rear transmission (within 10 seconds). This function is implemented thanks to a special timer for the continuation of work and allows you to continuously monitor the view behind the car, for example, when turning in several ways or in difficult parking conditions.

The pre-start timer is designed to turn on the video camera for 10 seconds at the same time when the car engine is started (when the ACC signal is applied). This allows you to assess the situation behind the car not only when the reverse gear is engaged, but also immediately before the start of movement (each time the engine is started). This function ensures the practicality and convenience of daily use of the video parking system, and also increases the safety of driving in a car.

In addition, the Gazer CC120 has a “continuous operation” function. This mode is implemented so that the camera can be connected to a recording device as an additional recording channel, for example, to a rearview mirror with a built-in video recorder Gazer MUW5000 or MUW7000. In this version, the recording will be made from the recorder built into the mirror, as well as from the rear-view camera, which will ultimately provide you with full coverage around the entire car. At the same time, the Gazer CC120 camera will continue to work as intended – when the rear transmission is turned on, the image from the camera will be displayed on the device screen.

Ultra-hermetic housing with IP67 protection

The Gazer CC120 car video camera is made in an ultra-hermetic housing, works in a wide temperature range from -30 to + 70 ° C, and has a high degree of dust and moisture protection IP67. This means that the device is guaranteed to provide stable operation in the most extreme conditions: heat or frost, dirt, dust and countless high pressure washers.

Complete Plug&Play connection kit

The Gazer CC120 rear-view video camera for cars is equipped with an innovative switching and control unit, the feature of which is the activation and deactivation of timer modes of operation. Traditionally, the switching and control unit allows you to connect the video camera to the video parking system easily and quickly according to the Plug & Play principle. In addition, everything is thought out in the wiring diagram to the smallest detail, so that the car owner does not have to modify or purchase anything. The video camera is completely ready for connection and further operation, and the user saves time and money.

An important advantage of the unit is the way of connecting the power supply of the video camera, which is carried out not from the reversing light, but from the car’s safety unit. Only the control signal is received from the reversing lights, by which the unit’s relay supplies power to the video camera. This solution allows you to eliminate various interferences in the image, which most often occur when the camera is normally connected to the power supply directly to the reversing light. Also, the method of connecting the Gazer CC120 camera allows you to avoid on-board computer errors when polling the car network.

Moreover, to further improve the image and minimize interference, an LC filter is implemented in the switching and control unit to stabilize the power supply of the video camera. A self-resetting fuse is used as a protective element.

Compatibility with cars

The Gazer CC120 car video camera allows you to organize a video parking system in any type of vehicle. In order for the installation of the video camera in the car to be “painless”, does not require damage to the car body and takes a minimum of time and effort, Gazer offers a practical solution: special fasteners for integrating the video camera and its subsequent installation in the regular place of the car. The Gazer range includes models in the form of license plate lamp shades.

Each fastener in the Gazer range is designed to be installed in a specific model or series of cars, and is completely identical to the factory component of the car. At the same time, Gazer retained not only the external identity with the original component of the car, but also its functional features. The license plate lamp shade mounts, which are intended for installing a video camera instead of the factory shade, retain the original number plate illumination*.

Integrating the Gazer CC120 video camera into one or another type of mount is easy and extremely simple. After choosing a Gazer CAxxx series mount compatible with the car, the car owner just needs to connect the video camera to it, without any complicated installation, after which the device is completely ready for installation in the car. The set of each specific mount from the CA series includes everything necessary to connect the camera to the mount, and then install the finished solution in the car.

If the car owner intends to install a video camera without integration into the car body, as well as for owners of exclusive car models, Gazer has included a universal mount with the ability to adjust the angle of the camera in the standard equipment of the video camera. With the help of this mounting element, the Gazer CC120 video camera can be installed in any part of the car, regardless of its model.

* In those cases when it is technically impossible to preserve the original illumination, a ceiling lamp with LED illumination and a color temperature of 2700K is used, which allows you to obtain the color of the illumination of the license plate, which practically does not differ from the original.


Gazer CC120


HD CMOS 1/4″



Video signal format


Viewing angle


Camera current consumption

<85 mA

Protection Level


Parking guidance lines


Mirror Image



0,1 Lux

Signal/noise ratio

› 46 dB

Supply voltage

DC 12 V

Operating temperature

-30 – +70 °С