The more you know yourself, the more you need Gazer

What is Gazer?
In the category for home - the main center of pleasure and entertainment, education and development: SMART TV.

In the in-car electronics - nine categories: a complete package to ensure the maximum level of safety and comfort.

The UK Gazer brand develops and produces more than 1000 models of electronics.
Gazer develops and manufactures electronics for home and car - two places around the world designed for happiness
All people are individual.

Do you agree?
Each of us has our own habits, preferences, interests - what clothes and music we choose, how we drive a car and spend time at home. Each of us manifests ourselves differently, and each has something of our own, special one.

Is it possible to be truly happy, if you are not individual?
Who needs it?
Among the same type of apartments - yours is not at all the same as others.
Among the same cars - yours is definitely not the same as others.
Isn’t it?

What is your individual request to electronics? Not the list of its characteristics that you need to understand, but the result that you get from its use. Perhaps you have no idea - what opportunities electronics can discover for you personally, how you can realize your ideas and desires with it.
What about you?
What is your identity?
To discover and realize your identity
Gazer strives to anticipate your individual requests in comfort and pleasure when using electronics. The way just you want to use and the way just you want to get. And to create for these requests such functions in the equipment that will allow you to turn them into reality.

The equipment should serve your identity, not just correspond to technologies and parameters.
What is the mission of Gazer?
This is precisely the mission of the Gazer brand to create and open for you the possibilities of the most modern technologies that Gazer has turned into really useful, convenient and affordable functions of the equipment.

The achievements of modern technologies in electronics are incredible. Still independently, they are only a set of tools, but not yet a result. Not to realize such possibilities in the form of functions for your freedom of use is nothing more than a limitation.
What does this mean?

All the innovations that we introduce by designing electronics have a sense. Each function should be useful in terms of functionality and easy to use. Therefore, each of our products begins with a desire to discover new opportunities for people, to expand the comfort zone and improve the quality of life.

Each Gazer electronic device is always more than a category name.
How does Gazer do this?
Meaningful Innovations
This is not only a TV; it is a real multimedia center, a tablet, a game console, and several more devices in terms of functions.

Everything is done in such a way that you can find and get absolutely any content existing over the Internet that you can only want.

No limitations.
How is it realized?
Each car can get the maximum configuration with Gazer, but in reality it will be an absolutely individual configuration of your favorite car.

To add all possible options and even those that were not available for your auto model from the manufacturer. Each of them will unambiguously exceed the factory analogue in functions and possibilities.
Auto Electronics
Smart TV
Why Gazer?
In this statement Gazer has embedded a huge experience and the best expertise. Gazer knows tenuities and intricacies of this business, and this allows us to create possibilities with a special approach, contributing to the solution of each problem.
To do it better than others, based solely on a clear understanding and following its mission - to realize the individual requests of each person.

To know “how”?

This is the unicity of the Gazer brand

Individual electronics
We are all different. And everyone is formed by its habits, preferences, interests, the kind of music we choose, how we drive a car and spend time at home.

Everything we choose and enjoy using.. All this is a manifestation of our identity.

Gazer electronic devices are designed to ensure that there is more identity in the life of each person.
How is it called?